Two years already! and what you should look forward to in 2017

Thanks to you my faithful readers, Paris Diary is celebrating two years of cultural reporting!

This newsletter was prompted by my American editor friends Cathleen McGuigan and Susan Reed two Thanksgivings ago, in Sag Harbor. Patricia de Gramont was a great force from California and historian Rebecca Fraser is a continuous influence from London. They are my good fairies. And here we are, two years later with very exclusive readers from all over the world, who share a common love for Paris. A club of fans who trust my strong subjectivity on cultural topics. Thank you for your faithfulness and your constant feedbacks. Read More

Hunting in Germany at Musée de la Chasse

August Wilhelm Dieffenbacher, The poacher’s flight, 1888, Schwerin, Staatlisches Museum

Is it because all these wonderful paintings take place in Germany, that hunting and shooting suddenly seems perfectly acceptable to the French ? In any case, the exhibition « Scènes de chasse en Allemagne » is a small, original and surprisingly interesting show set in one of the most beautiful houses of Paris,  Musée de la chasse et de la nature.Read More

Henri Cartier Bresson strikes again

Joinville-le-Pont, near Paris. 1938. “A newly-wed bride and groom at an outdoor café on the Marne. The couple were here for the entire afternoon with a full wedding.”© Henri Cartier-Bresson / Magnum Photos

“Images à la sauvette”, or “The Decisive Moment”, as it is known in the United States, is a book published in October 1952 by Simon and Schuster, which changed the course of Henri Cartier Bresson‘s life and dramatically influenced the art world. Henri Matisse designed the cover two years before he died, Teriade, the French publisher edited the book. The title in French alludes to little street robbers (voleur à la sauvette) and enhances the quality of instantaneous shots by the photographer. Vintage prints from the book are shown at Fondation Henri Cartier Bresson in Montparnasse until April 23.Read More

Bibliothèque Richelieu looks great again

The main reading room, Salle Labrouste, is dedicated to Art history

Once I was looking at an exhibition for a sale at Drouot and I saw a piece I liked which had already been sold fifty years ago. I went straight to Bibiliothèque Richelieu to research the previous catalog on their microfilms. And there I found all the details I needed. Registering and finding the files were incredibly easy and I felt like a great scholar for one hour ! Well this has become even more luxurious and easy since the reopening on December 15 th of many reading rooms and direct access to the books.Read More

Edouard Baer’s new film is a great laugh

Edouard Baer in “Ouvert la nuit”, a feel good film, photo Pascal Chantier

At 50, Edouard Baer is back on Radio Nova every morning, making us all laugh at life. And even if his character of Luigi, in his new film “Ouvert la nuit”, is darker than appears, his large smile and his acute sense of humor are a nice way to start the year. And all the actors are fabulous.Read More

Two French sporting records

At 48, Thomas Coville went around the globe in 49 days

Two amazing sporting events happened recently in France. While the Vendée Globe, a round the world sailboat race alone and with no assistance, is soon ending, the French sailor Thomas Coville, sailed around the globe on his trimaran in 49 days, reaching Ouessant on Christmas Day at 6 pm. His sponsor Sodebo, a manufacturer of pizzas from Brittany has sponsored him for fifteen years.Read More

Happy New Year to all of you!

Pegasus held by La Renommée de la guerre, a statue by Leopold Steiner inaugurated in 1900 on Pont Alexandre III in Paris

I don’t know what you did on New Year’s day but I watched and listened to the New Year Concert at the Musikverein in Vienna, because waltzes and polkas are the best antidote to nightclub terrorism. Venezuelan Gustavo Dudamel, 35, conductor of the Los Angeles orchestra, is the youngest chef to have ever conducted the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on New Year and watching the public in evening gowns at 11 am was great fun. The full orchestra in morning coat was so elegant and excellent that it gave us all hope for a better 2017 !

Gustavo Dudamel transferred his joie de vivre to the whole world on New Year’s day

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Hervé di Rosa, collector and artist

Hervé di Rosa, apostle of Art Modeste and a great traveller, draws a new map of the art world


As the founder of La Maison Rouge, a private foundation dedicated to showing private art collections, Antoine de Galbert has always favored a different kind of art. He is exhibiting Hervé di Rosa‘s personal collections as well as his “Art modeste”, a symbiosis of art brut, primitive art and popular art, for which the artist has created a museum, the MIAM,  musée international des arts modestes, in Sète. Whether you like it or not, Di Rosa’s experience with African and Latin American art is fascinating.

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