Let new lights enter your life

At Kartell,  Planet lamps sell for 316€ to 369€

Winter is a good time to renew your lighting around the flat and I found four sorts of lights to indulge in. Kartell, one of my favorite shops in Paris, has new lights all the time and the Planet lamp, which comes in three colors, is really chic.Read More

La Régalade a win-win restaurant

Boeuf en deux cuissons, le paleron confit et l’onglet roti, garniture d’un bourguignon

When someone used to ask me for a cozy no fuss restaurant to go to, I would say la Rôtisserie near the Tour d’Argent and I knew I would get many thanks the next day. Since the owner redecorated the restaurant and changed the staff, it has become very disappointing, noisy, trendy, irritating although the food is still good. But I am happy to tell you that I have found an even better hang out near the Louvre this week, and I plan to return often : it is La Régalade Saint Honoré.

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“Fantasio” is illuminated by Marianne Crebassa

The preparation of Princess Elsbeth’s wedding is one of the pretty moments of the evening, photo Pierre-Grosbois

The first Opéra Comique production, after a few years of closing down, Fantasio, was much anticipated and my fears of Thomas Jolly’s direction were somewhat calmed down by the fabulous interpretation of Marianne Crebassa, a French mezzo soprano whose Spanish grandfather used to sing while picking grapes near Béziers.Read More

Conductor Philippe Entremont is made Commandeur

Japanese pianist Gen Tomuro came to study in France with Entremont ten years ago and never left

It was a privileged moment to witness French conductor Philippe Entremont being honored with the order of Commandeur de la Légion d’honneur by Michel Desmet at the newly renotated Automobile Club,  on place de la Concorde.Read More

Dutch and German drawings at Fondation Custodia

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein, illustration for the Roman de Renart, photo Johannes von Mallinkcrodt

I was surprised to find crowds queuing in the small entrance of Hôtel Turgot which hosts Fondation Custodia, in the middle of school vacations, when the whole of Paris was empty. It was due to the exceptional quality of the two drawings exhibitions taking place there right now. « Drawings for paintings in the Age of Rembrandt » and « A quest for line », the Hinrich Siveking collection.

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Claire de Virieu invites us to Japan

Claire de Virieu, Nara II-3

Photographer Claire de Virieu has accustomed us to beautiful garden photographs covered with snow or shot at the height of summer like those in the book “Majorelle” published with Pierre Bergé. After travelling to Japan in 2011, she has brought back a series of photos of the sacred city of Nara, which are unlike anything she has done before. They are the result of her personal reflection and the shock she felt when confronted with Japan. A new step in her art.

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Mountain photographs in Lausanne

Aurore Bagarry, Glacier du Tour, vue prise près du Refuge Albert 1er, 2012 © Aurore Bagarry / Courtoisie galerie Sit Down, Collection du Musée de l’Elysée

Where else but in Lausanne could an exhibition of mountain photographs could take place and be beautiful ? The Musée de l’Elysée, run with a firm and creative hand by Tatyana Franck, shows 300 prints selected from its collection of 4 000, on a very Swiss theme, mountains.Read More

Valentine’s Day at the Châtelet with “Fantasio”

Le Nôtre and Salle Favart celebrate Valentine in style with a red cake

It was a fun occasion to discover the last works of restoration at Opéra Comique (which is reopening at the end of April) while tasting the raspberry love cake called « Favart » after the theatre’s founder’s name. Created by Le Nôtre to celebrate Valentine’s day and the new production of “Fantasio” by Offenbach, the cake will be served with champagne, at intermission in February, and in all Le Nôtre shops starting in April.Read More