A museum of Modern and Contemporary art for Palestine

Erro, Portrait of Pierre Boulez, 1984-1986

Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris is an interesting spot. It always has many exhibitions going on at the same time besides its permanent collection, mostly devoted to the Mediterranean and Arab world. At the moment, the works of the Barjeel art foundation did not make a lasting impression on me but on the other side of the building, the collection of the future Palestine Contemporary art museum intrigued me.Read More

At Chantilly, drawings are kings

Henri Loyrette with drawing expert Christiana Romalli in galerie Daumet at Chantilly

Two buses filled with drawing collectors and experts came from Paris for the inauguration of the « New gallery of Prints and drawings » of Château de Chantilly. It was a jolly group of American, British, Belgian and Italian visitors mingled with beautiful Parisians all assembled by Prince Amyn Aga Khan for the opening of new galleries for Duc d’Aumale’s drawing collection. This is a major event for the art world since it is the first new gallery created in the castle since the Duc’s death in 1897. It took 14 months and over 2 Million€ for the restoration to be completed.Read More

Jacques Truphémus, at Caillebotte’s house

Intérieur de l’atelier des Cévennes, 2010

It was an extroardinary privilege to walk around the exhibition « Intimacy revealed » with the painter himself, Jacques Truphémus, 94, who still paints every day and enjoyed every minute of the opening at Propriété Caillebotte in Yerres. He kept on telling the curator, Nicolas Sainte Fare Garnot that he was so touched, he felt he was looking at someone else’s paintings. His emotion was visible. He specially liked the lighting and the way each painting was hung. Also the different themes from « Silent lives » to «  Beyond Cévennes » and « Scenes from Lyon ».Read More

Gouthière, Odiot, Mézin at Arts Décoratifs

Jean Baptiste-Claude Odiot, Salière double dauphins, ca 1819

There is a decorative art that survived the French revolution and was as prolific under Louis XVI th as under Napoleon and that is the art of bronzier and gold sculptor. Pierre Gouthière, 1732-1813, was the most famous of 18 th century artists and a show of his work is at Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris after the Frick collection in New York. Jean-Baptiste Claude Odiot, (1763-1850) a manufacturer of gold plated and silver tea fountains and soup dishes, was the most famous argentier of the 19 th century. Gonzague Mézin, a contemporary artist who graduated from business school, is showing five pieces produced by his Maison Lignereux, recreeating today what this magic house used to make. The three shows are truly exciting.Read More

London keeps its sense of humour

Service information note posted in the tube on the day of the terrorist’s attack

The Brits are the best and this sign could only have been written in London! Hats off to all our English readers and Thank you to Theodora Zemek who sent this picture!

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Religious Baroque at Petit Palais

Noël Hallé, “François de Sales donnant à Jeanne de Chantal la règle de l’ordre de la Visitation”, Eglise St Louis en l’Ile

Five years ago, Musée Carnavalet became the center of attention with an exhibition of XVII th century paintings from Paris churches. Everyone was suddently looking at them instead of passing them by. Today, Musée du Petit Palais is continuing the saga,  with XVIII th century religious paintings in a show which Christophe Leribault named « Le Baroque des Lumières ». Thanks to a fabulous staging by Véronique Dollfus, the exhibition of very large paintings is a beauty.Read More

José Maria Sert in forty projects

“Les Indes venant au secours des alliés” esquisse, for the decor of  Sir Philip Sassoon’s salon in Port Lympne en 1915, destroyed.

 I was on my way to the première of « Trompe la Mort », a contemporary opera by Luca Francesconi with a fascinating direction by Guy Cassiers, when I casually walked into the Galerie Emeric Hahn, rue Saint Anne, on the invitation of Philippe Godoy, better known in Paris as « the Prince » of the 2nd arrondissement. This dear and faithful friend had alerted me on a discreet show of Catalan painter José Maria Sert, well known for his fabulous décors for the Rothschilds, the Wendels and Coco Chanel in the 1920’s and celebrated at Petit Palais five years ago.Read More

Gardens, classical and contemporary at Grand Palais

Jean Michel Othoniel’s “Grotta Azzurra”, 2017, Courtesy Galerie Perrotin, Photos : Othoniel Studio

I was surprised to find out that Laurent Le Bon, president of the Picasso museum and formerly at Pompidou Metz, was the curator of the much awaited show of « Jardins » at Grand Palais. I had noticed his wit at the opening of the Picasso exhibition in CDG airport a month ago and he was just as much fun while pointing out the vegetal wall by Patrick Blanc running along the staircase.  The show starts with a Pompei frescoe of a garden facing « Verde del bosco  con camicia » by Giuseppe Penone. No need to tell us anything, we know we will be surprised by centuries of gardens ! Over one hundred pieces of the show have never been shown in France.Read More