Cy Twombly, fireworks at Pompidou center

Summer Madness (Gaeta / Bassano)

Wilder Shores of Love, 1985,  Private collection © Robert Bayer, BilDPuNKT AG, Munchenstein

Walking into the first room of the Cy Twombly exhibition at Pompidou center was like entering a sacred temple. The emotion was immense and the pleasure doubled by the presence of many knowledgeable curators who talked brilliantly about his work. This retrospective of 140 paintings, photographs and sculptures was curated by Jonas Storsve and made possible by the Cy Twombly foundation: it will not travel elsewhere. Ambassador Hartley had organised a private viewing where we were almost alone, with just a few museum guards who were also discovering the show.Read More

At Pramil, a true French meal


Green bean salad with sweet anchovies and a secret dressing

My brother had tipped me on this little restaurant called Pramil, near Arts et métiers, and for some reason, I thought it was an Indian fusion food place. Well not at all : the name is deceiving and comes from a very well known family from the Lot near Sarlat. The chef Alain Pramil who used to teach physics, has run the place with talent and modesty for exactly 10 years. It is a delightful experience.Read More

Yohouré art at Barbier Mueller Museum in Geneva


Bla mask from Yohouré, Ivory Coast, acquired before 1942 by Josef Mueller, photo Studio Ferrazzini Bouchet

Founded in 1977 in the old town of Geneva, Musée Barbier Mueller houses one of the leading collections of African art in the world. The new show on Yohouré sculpture is the occasion to publish a book based on 46 years of studies of this Ivory coast tribe by Alain-Michel Boyer.

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A new curator for Versailles and much Royal entertainment

Versailles is as exciting and beautiful as ever

Versailles is as exciting and beautiful as ever in winter

The king liked to entertain his court in Versailles and hunting, playing musical instruments and betting at games, organizing big balls with fireworks, were part of the court’s daily rituals. For Christmas and to honor Beatrix Saule’s extraordinary « reign » as director and curator in chief of Versailles, the exhibition « Fêtes et divertissements à la cour » assembled many wonderful artists.

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Castro is gone, Cubans celebrate

Zoé Valdès, one of the most fervent anti Castro writers in Paris celebrated from her apartment

Zoé Valdès, one of the most fervent anti Castro writers in Paris, celebrated from her apartment near the Bastille

Fidel Castro’s death on Friday November 25, was received with different feelings in Havana and in Miami. In Paris,  novelist Zoé Valdès, who came as a political refugee in 1994, put up a Cuban flag on her balcony near the Bastille.Read More

A magical Christmas decor at Vaux le Vicomte


The XVIIth century façade lights up at tea time

If you are too lazy to put up a Christmas tree at home and you still want to show the magic of Christmas to your children or grandchildren, do make the trip to Vaux le Vicomte, the beautiful castle of Seine et Marne, which is open every week-end until the end of the year, and every day from the 17 th to the 31 st of December (25 th excepted).Read More

Between Art and Fashion at Azzedine Alaïa

The extraordinary space in the Marais serves for fashion shows and exhibitions

Azzedine Alaïa’s extraordinary space in the Marais serves for fashion shows and exhibitions

There are more than 2 000 photographs in Carla Sozzani’s collection but only 198 are shown here. Here, in the amazing gallery in the Marais, that Azzedine Alaïa has devoted to exhibitions. He used to offer his fashion défilés there and he lends it to fellow couturiers, but it has primarily become an entrance free exhibition space.Read More