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Cy Twombly at the Pompidou center

Timothy Heckscher is a smart 34 year old financier turned start-up founder. His new website is the easiest and most International cultural tool I have found recently : if you are planning a trip to Amsterdam or London, just search by destination and it will tell you everything you can see in museums in one click. With pictures and little videos, schedules and prices. And also visitor’s comments just like TripAdvisor for hotels.

Timothy Heckscher founder of

The grandson of Maurice Schumann, a French Academician author of more than twenty books, who was war companion to de Gaulle and a French Foreign minister under Georges Pompidou, Timothy was raised in a strong bicultural environment by his American academic father and his French writer mother.

He has spent the last year going around the Occidental world (Asia and Latin America will come next) visiting museum curators and charming them into entering their programs on his website. When you go to, you can buy your ticket to exhibitions and share the info with friends. With young people today often meeting on their first date in trendy museums like the Tate Modern, this could become the largest chic dating website ! The idea is to be efficient in an old cultural way… what fun.

So you can use the website immediately while in Paris: at the moment the Picasso Giacometti exhibit or Mexico at the Grand Palais, Oscar Wilde at Petit Palais or Cy Twombly at Beaubourg. But also the Bauhaus at Musée des Arts Décoratifs which is a little disorganized but shows fabulous Feininger drawings and furniture by Marcel Albers and Josef Breuer. And their gift shop is the best in town!

In Paris a the moment on

In, the iv stands for intravenous shot, and this is exactly what Timothy Heckscher tries to do. Inject youth into culture and vice versa! And museums in Canada and the US understand it well, they immediately joined. Now comes Europe. At a time when French museums try to attract the young, organizing special evening visits and events all year round, this new tool is essential…

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