A bric à brac de luxe

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The new large Fragonard shop on 5 rue Boudreau is more colorful than ever

For many years now, every time I travel abroad, I pay a visit to Fragonard, a charming manufacture of soap and perfume based in Grasse, South of France, which has many boutiques all around Paris, and I buy all my house presents there. They carry the most refined cushions, shoe bags and linen bags with witty designs, soaps in all perfumes, after-shave called « Je suis fidèle », candles that smell like “brioche just out of the oven”, log fire or vineyard peaches, scarves and embroidered napkins.

Bags for all purposes are witty and pretty

Bags for all purposes are witty and pretty

The candle smells of a freshly baked brioche

The candle smells of  freshly baked brioche

The perfume house of Fragonard takes its name from the French XVIII th painter who was born in Grasse,  and was started in 1926 in this French capital of perfumes. There, you can still visit their factory and labs. Fragrances are made from the best natural flowers and scents.

Funny egg boxes for soap

Funny egg boxes for soap

Now they have opened a larger shop (and museum of perfume) near the Opéra Garnier and sell light furniture and casual fashion as well. The atmosphere in this old « magasin » is delightful and you feel like buying everything.

the new Jasmine line

The new Jasmine line

Prices are incredibly reasonable and the new jasmine line pretty. I always indulge in the lily of the valley soaps, but have this time bought the ten sample perfume box for my goddaughter, who seemed happy,  and refreshing perfumed sachets for my purse… There are other shops in the Carousel du Louvre and boulevard St Germain.

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  1. Les éléphants sont vraiment très “trendy”… Isabelle de Borchgrave a fait une vitrine exceptionelle chez Hermès, rue de Sèvres … à voir!

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