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On avenue Rapp, the Café de l'Alma is near the Eiffel Tower

On avenue Rapp, the Café de l’Alma is near the Eiffel Tower

It used to be just a café when Jacques Boudon (whose family already owned « La Fontaine de Mars ») decided to do it over at the opening of Musée du Quai Branly. And he did well since it has become a classics to have lunch or dinner there after an opening of African art such as the current magnificent show of « Masters of sculpture from the Ivory Coast ».

Oeuf mimosa

Oeuf mimosa

I was there to celebrate golf pros Nathalie Jeanson and Anne Marie Palli who were just back from playing the Thion de la Chaume Golf Trophy in Chantaco, in the Basque country. And we celebrated twice for Anne Marie had shot an eagle on a par four, on her birthday !

Café de l'Alma will soon look at the Russian Orthodox cathedral!

Café de l’Alma will soon have a view of the Russian Orthodox cathedral!

The food is varied and comfy for a Sunday night : pizzetta with chèvre and tomato, œufs mimosas (something I can’t find in Scottsdale, Arizona remarked Anne Marie), foie gras or tartar of sea bass, côte de beau with cream and mushrooms, and my favorite, a steak tartare aller et retour (slightly cooked) with thin French fries. Everyday, a special dish of the day like blanquette de veau or gnocchis. The wine, Moulin de la Lagune, 2009, a little brother of Chateau la Lagune, was delicious and the terrace perfect on this mild spring evening. No fuss, good service, nice neighbors (Jean Paul Belmondo is a regular) and soon a view of the Russian Orthodox cathedral across the street. (appr €70)

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