A chic sale of “attic” objects from Château de Mouchy

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XIX th century copy of the portrait of Charles X by François Gérard. with an amazing frame, estimated 800 to 1200 €

When Marie Pozzo di Borgo spent the confinement at Mouchy, she decided to use the time to clean the attic and the stables of the castle which were full of surprises. And the sale on Friday 23, at 2 pm by Lhuillier Paris at Hotel Drouot, will be a moment of nostalgia for France’s heroic historical pages as acted by the Noailles family. The catalog is online but I can already spot out for you the main paintings and Chinese vases which should not have been forgotten in an attic for so long… From beautifully gilt wooden frames to sculpted cast iron gutters, wood panelings and dining room chairs, you can make your pick.

Three Louis XVI armchairs, signed C. Sene, 400 to 600€

The goût Mouchy established by the different dukes (a title of the Noailles family), is well known in Paris and the leftovers which are sold here each have their specific charm. Whether you buy a grey and red marble column (1 000€) to present your newly acquired bust or a series of dining room chairs, you know you are getting the quality of 18 th and 19 th century court manufacturers. There are splendid gilt frames, many bronze accessories, a man’s coiffeuse, chests, a bust of François I and one of Henri II, precious velvet and Damascus fabrics  and a series of white and gold plates and serving dishes.

China, Kangxi period, and Alfred Beurdeley, 40 to 60 000€

The main pieces of the sale are the two lots of Chinese vases from Kangxi (1662-1722) with bronze mounting by Alfred Beurdeley. There is an 18 th century copy of Hyacinthe Rigaud’s portrait of Louis XIV (8 000 to 12 000€) and a more affordable one of François Gérard’s portrait of Charles X, with a magnificent frame  (800 to 1 200€). If you need ancestors to fill your walls, two portraits of Anne Louise de Beauvau (a pastel) and Philippe Louis Marie de Noailles are estimated at 80 to 120€.

These blue and white wood pannelings used to line Marie Leszcynska’ Chinese salon at Versailles and were later installed at Mouchy 4 000 to 6 000€

Make sure to go and see this exhibition at Hotel Drouot the two days before the sale which takes place on Friday October 23, at 2pm in Room 1. It will be not only very amusing, but mostly very social. There is nothing people like more than acquiring a bit of history and the past glory of the Noailles who were among the main actors of the Grand Siècle, is a good marketing tool. The new generation has modernized Mouchy and we all profit from it.

Marie Leszcynska willed her Chinese cabinet to her dame d’honneur, comtesse de Noailles in 1768.

Lhuillier Paris, exhibition from 21 to 23 October. Sale at 2 pm on Friday the 23rd. And you can also visit at Hotel Drouot, the exhibition organized by the Outsider Art Fair which starts on Wednesday 21 at 2 pm until the 30 th.

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