The Princess moves on!


Princess Minnie de Beauvau-Craon runs her castle with an eye to the future

To own and maintain a large historical castle has become a gigantic adventure nowadays, and Princess Minnie de Beauvau-Craon, daughter of Marc, the seventh Prince of this French aristocratic family, knows all about it. She has decided to turn a new page at Haroué, her beautiful house in Eastern France, in Lorraine, and modernise her way of life. After exhibiting contemporary sculptor Beatrice Carracciolo and fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy, she will soon show contemporary furniture and design, a way to tell her two children that life goes on and can be great fun.

Two Japanese XIX th century  falcons

Two Japanese XIX th century falcons

A large sale of superb paintings and furniture from the castle,  is taking place on June 15 th at Drouot Richelieu with the auctioneer Rémy le Fur.

29 year old Louis de Beauvau has beautiful legs

29 year old Louis de Beauvau by François Quesnel, has beautiful legs

It will feature portraits of Louis de Beauvau at 29, a  XVI th century gentleman with fabulous legs, the wedding of her ancestor Anne Marguerite Gabrielle de Beauvau-Craon with his Majesty Henri Jacques de Lorraine by Jacquart, a portrait of Countess du Cayla with her children by Gérard  and many smaller charming objects picked for a castle but pertinent in a home.

Enamel and bronze for this little incense pot

Enamel and bronze for this little incense pot from the Ming period in China

I have a weak spot for two vases in malachite by Thomire (30 000 to 40 000€) and a fabulous painting of the Bergamo school, a caricature of « Gobbi » (hunchbacked at 4 000 to 6 000 €). But there are also pretty Japanese china falcons with blue enamel (3 000 to 5 000€) and a Chinese incense box mounted in bronze in the 18 th century (5 000 to 6 000€). « Don’t worry, the castle is still filled with furniture » says Princess Minnie while discussing the sale.

Caricatures from Bergamo

Caricatures of “Gobbi” from the Bergamo school

I will definitely check every little corner of the house when I go and listen to the  “Traviata” on August 28 th and 29 th. Like every year on the same week end, Minnie will host two representations of “Opera en plein air”. This year Verdi’s opera is directed by Arielle Dombasle (an actress and a singer herself) with costumes designed by Vincent Darré. A trendy program for a flamboyant castle. I bet that on June 15 th, room n°1 at Drouot, will be buzzing with museum directors and heavy collectors.

When works of art change hands, blue blood is rejuvenated.

Venicis vases by Thomire in malachite and bronze

Venicis vases by Thomire in malachite and bronze

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