A recipe a week, Poêlée de poulet aux carottes

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Poêlée of chicken with carrots and cumin by Eric Turmel

If you are very impatient and like to prepare a real dish in less than 30 mins, Eric Turmel offers this tip. Poêlée of chicken with carrots and cumin to which you can add fenil. Soak raisins in water (and a bit of armagnac if you like) a few hours beforehand. Use a breast of chicken per person, shred it in pieces and roast it in a pan with a little bit of olive oil. Add thinly cut onion and carrots, cut in the length. Add the soaked raisins, salt pepper and cumin. Add a little bit of water or white wine and let the whole pan stir for fifteen minutes. Serve with coriander on top. You can also add cooked fenil or rice.

Eric Turmel at restaurant Loulou in the Louvre

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2 Comments on “A recipe a week, Poêlée de poulet aux carottes”

  1. Chère Laure Comment fais tu pour trouver des sujets en ces temps de confinement ? Bravo ces graveurs ont tous du talent et la recette a l’air délicieuse ! Les œufs tripier exécutés le jour même de ton blog furent un grand succès…Bonnes fêtes de Pâques

  2. Bonjour Laure….Your blog is the only thing that lets me know what day of the week it is ! I really looked forward to it this time and you did not disappoint. The pocket aux carottes looks wonderful….but for some reason chicken, especially decent chicken is hard to find. I managed to get a whole one this weekend, at long last, allegedly organic etc and it had the fishy taste of British chicken in the 70s. So I fear that this week’s recipe is one for the future but at least it gives us something to look forward to. So in the meantime we shall have to make do with lots of Scottish beef.

    And we can get as many chocolate Easter eggs as you want.

    I took the dog for a walk through a small wood that runs parallel to the High Street – totally empty – but some little kid had painted pebbles , many with rainbows, and laid them here and there along the path. I thought it was very sweet and inventive !

    And Marks and Spencer – I think by accident – is offering tiny little pots of soil and seeds so that children can start an indoor garden. I have parsley, chili, pepper, forget me not and viola now growing in mine !

    And Paris looks beautiful !

    Keep up the good work ! Love to all, Theo

    We are all coping well but pretty fed up with the confinement

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