A stroll on the left bank

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Marie Hélène Beaurepaire in her shoe shop. She also sells the best scarves

Marie Hélène Beaurepaire in her shoe shop “Germaine Pratinette” on rue du Pré aux Clercs. She also sells the best Italian scarves


Architect Rénier Pozzo di Borgo inspired his daughter for this new perfume

There is nothing I like more than having lunch in St Germain des Près (this time I returned to la Ferronerie on rue de la Chaise) and wander around for an hour in the bookstores and shops nearby. It is well known that since the Bon Marché became the trendiest food shop of the 7 th arrondissement, the rue du Bac has considerably changed. There are about five different pastry shops, all fighting for the first place, on one block, and also many little gift shops like

“Quintessence”, a candle and perfume place started by Valentine Pozzo di Borgo. She has just created a new perfume in honor of her father Rénier which is fresh and summery (77 rue du Bac).

Inès de la Fressange's new shop is still searching  its soul

Inès de la Fressange’s new shop is still searching its soul

A little further on rue de Grenelle, Inès de la Fressange the Parisienne by excellence, opened at n°24, a chic bazaar where you can find a blue, white and red bicycle (880€), a nice sleepover bag called “l’Infidèle” (the unfaithful),  olive oil, derby shoes, light vichy dresses and toys. The shop is old and beautiful, the selection is not yet fascinating (I could not find anything to buy) but there is hope since Inès is very inventive !

Theblue white and red bicycle was my first choice at 880€

The blue white and red bicycle would be my first choice

A little further across the boulevard St Germain, on rue du Pré aux Clercs, « Germaine Pratinette », a shoe shop which caters to students from Sciences Pô as well as to their mothers, has the most amazing scarves in silk and linen, all from Italy. The shoes are refined sandals, ballerinas for the beach and no nonsense walking shoes. All at moderate prices. (11 rue du Pré aux Clercs)

Lovely summer chows at Germaine Pratinette

Lovely summer shoes at Germaine Pratinette

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