A tiny coffee shop on a famous street

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Muffins and carrot cake on Fbg St Honoré

I was walking past the British Embassy on Faubourg St Honoré when I spotted a small sign on the sidewalk : “Honor” with an arrow leading to a courtyard at n°54. Real estate is so high on this street that many shops are actually hidden in the back.  Behind Burberry, Cuchinelli and Moschino,  I found  the most charming little coffee shop selling muffins and carrot cake, a true British enclave designed by Studio Dessuant Bone’s very talented Marie and Phil.

Angelle and Daniel Warburton

Angelle and Daniel Warburton

Across the street from both American and British Embassies

Across the street from both American and British Embassies

It was started two months ago by a young Australian couple, Angelle from Sydney and Daniel Warburton, from Adélaïde who worked in the coffee business in London for 6 years. At the exact time that two huge coffee groups (Nestlé and Jacob Douwe Egberts) are taking over the world, this little venture is especially pleasing. Everything is politically correct and organic in this quiet cantina where coffee beans come from Brazil or the Chiapas in Mexico and are grown on micro lots.

Sandwiches are made of sourdough bread : this week, it was roast of beef or smoked trout with salad. The vegetarian quiche changes every day and usually includes cheese (goat/endive, leek/cheddar…). Beer is by Demory and Sainte Anne water by Abatilles, comes from Arcachon. There is great effort put in every detail of this little glass hut set on Comme des Garçons territory. And the result is fresh and charming. (10 am to 6 pm)

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