Alfred de Montesquiou takes us on a dream adventure

In Anatolia, troglodyte churches of Aksaray

Alfred de Montesquiou, already a veteran journalist at 39, has covered wars in the Middle East for Associated Press and Paris Match and was awarded the prestigious Prix Albert Londres for his covering of the Arab Spring revolts.  He has been commissioned by Arte, the French German television channel, to do a series on the Silk Road which is being aired right now and until December 15. 

Alfred de Montesquiou starts the trip in Venice and takes us all the way to X’ian in China

The fifteen half hour episodes are being aired every day at 5.30pm on Arte and can be watched for another month in replay. Stepping on Marco Polo’s route, Alfred de Montesquiou tells us in a lively and well informed way about the customs, the architecture and the societies of Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirghistan and China. It is a beautiful voyage through time and deserts, markets and caravanserais which were posted every forty kms on the 12 000 km road.  This was the average distance covered by a horse every day.

Pictures of troglodyte houses and religious buildings, interviews of artisans and traders,  illuminate this adventure with their story telling. Turkey and Iran are particularly fascinating. It took Marco Polo 26 years to travel so he could bring back spaghettis from Xinjiang.  Alfred sums it up in three weeks and he is always fun to listen to. (Arte, in French and German only, until December 15)

The book of Alfred’s adventures is published by Le Chêne

The author will be signing his book on December 19 th at 7 pm at Vivienne Art Galerie, 30 galerie Vivienne, where his photographs are exhibited and for sale!

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