Amaury d’Andigné, a clever artist who loves animals!

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Amaury d’Andigné with a large drawing in acrylic. The polo ball is interfered by a chicken

When I received Amaury d’Andigné‘s portfolio by email, I was intrigued. There is a nostalgia in his drawings of horses and dogs that reminded me of Xavier de Poret or Karl Reille’s talent for hunting scenes. Yet you could see he was of a younger generation and the sense of humor that is always present in his works, made me curious of seeing more. I set up an appointment to visit his studio in Neuilly and was charmed by his presentation. Trained at Penninghen art school (“I did not graduate because I started working in advertising before”) and art director for ten years at Saatchi Paris, Amaury decided to become a full time artist. He contributes to many sports publications and sells drawings on line.


Fascinated by the world of races, he spent a lot of time drawing horses and jockeys, trainers and judges. On this illustration, of the weighing of a jockey before the race, the comic element is, of course, the dog who adds weight to the scale. While the drawing is classical, the theme becomes modern. During the semi confinement he visited the deserted racecourses drawing the different actors.

September in Deauville (American film festival)

The lady Dalmatian on this drawing set on the beach of Deauville, is really an actress parading at the American film festival. The different males lying on the ground look up to her. Each work is either painted or drawn on paper with acrylic but also sometimes designed straight on photoshop and printed. This allows the artist to sell his works at moderate rates.

Camel, ballpoint drawing

I was interested by this large drawing made with a ball point pen. A few years ago, the BIC company had exhibited their collection of artworks all made with a ball point at 104, the cultural space in the 19 th arrondissement of Paris, and it was fascinating to see the worldwide range of artists who were interested in this medium. Here Amaury d’Andigné is dreaming of a world encounter between different species through different time and geographical zones.

The Dream of the Museum attendant

I liked this sleeping dog who is dreaming of different artworks and the construction of the image is very sweet. Amaury d’Andigné also draws children but he seems to be more inspired by animals. You can go on his website and have a peak at his works or order a specific drawing of your favorite animal. He is charming and fun.

Aloha, New York

Amaury d’Andigné, has a great website and you can order your works during the confinement. He also offers personalized mugs.

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