An American painter is back in Paris

10. Deux CV  16 x 12

Remembrances from when he was a child in Paris, “2cv” by Joseph Keiffer

Joseph Keiffer was partly raised in Paris by his artistic parents and he is back with a charming exhibition at Jane Roberts Fine Arts. From his French years he has kept, beaches in the Cotentin, 2 cv cars racing in Normandy, but also a staircase at 93 rue du Bac and a series of very French landscapes.DSC_5024

THe tipsy tower

THe tipsy tower

From his New York and Catskill years, he has developed wooden houses, flowers, and the library at the Century club which I loved and was of course, already sold…18. Wild and Fragile   10 x 8

30. Three Doors Charleston 17 x 10

Three doors, Charleston

His style differs dramatically when he paints outside from life or more composed pictures inside. As if he had two different personalities indoors and outdoors ! Very interesting. As for British Parisian gallerist Jane Roberts, she has, for many years, exhibited intimate artists, sculptors and painters and a visit to her peaceful gallery on the fourth floor of 65 Fbg St Honoré is a perfect escape from the busy street. (through July 10 th)

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5 Comments on “An American painter is back in Paris”

  1. Jean Malcom White

    Dear Laure, Jane Keiffer in Manhattan is my niece. I’m happy she referred your newsletter to me here in Raleigh, NC jmw

  2. Jean Malcom White

    Since I am now more than three score and twenty years of age, receiving the news from Paris and
    France by newsletter is more appropriate than my thinking of traveling there….. I’m now walking
    with a cane.

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