Barcelo, a big surprise

A detail of "verre de terre", 195m x 6 m at Grande Bibliothèque

A detail of “verre de terre”, 195m x 6 m at Grande Bibliothèque

Majorcan artist, Miquel Barcelo is one of my favorite artists. In 1987, I was given one of his first etchings of a boat and have been looking at it every day, since. It is briliant. There are two exhibitions of his in Paris at the moment. One, in the cellar of Musée Picasso, shows a large painting and wonderful pots made on his island of Majorca. The other one at Bibliothèque François Mitterrand is completely striking.

Sculptures in front of three and etchings Xylophagies, 1994

Sculptures in front of three etchings Xylophagies, 1994

It is always an effort to get there but if you take the automatic subway Line 14, it is less painful. Past the security check and in you go in the luxurious library where a small exhibition , « Sol y sombra » (sun and shade, a reference to corrida arenas), takes place on the ground floor.

"Le crâne en marche", Bronze 2000

“Le crâne en marche”, Bronze 2000

Many etchings and lithographs, more pots and corrida drawings. Two fantastic films show him working in front of African children. A window full of his diaries informs us that he writes in French in his lovely little note books. « Le crâne en marche » (the walking skull), a bronze sculpture is mind boggling and so is  « el libro de los ciegos » (the book of the blind) made in 1993. A beautiful green

La Bibliothèque longue, 1984-1985

La Bibliothèque longue, 1984-1985

painting, « La Bibliothèque longue”, is powerful and lights the whole room.

But what is INCREDIBLE, is the 195 m long and 6 m high gallery

Barcelo used earth and his infers and hands to paint the 195 long fresco on glass

Barcelo used earth and his infers and hands to paint the 195 long fresco on glass

of windows painted by Barcelo with earth and his hands. This part of the exhibit is free and accessbile to all and I urge you to go and see it. It is like being 33 000 years ago, in grotte Chauvet  of which he is a board member. All sorts of animals emerge on this frescoe, which colors reminded me of Galerie de Psyché, a medieval stained glass from Chantilly. This exhibition is part of Drawing now which opens on March 30 th at Carreau du Temple. (Until August 28, Grande Bibliothèque )

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  1. Guillermo de Osma

    Comment arrive tu à nous informer de tellement des intéressantes et belles choses. J ai du mal à suivre……et surtout désolé de rater une grande partie. Heureusement pour le Paris diary……..Gracias Laure !

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