BB, le restaurant, is all pleasure

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The very pretty bar is set in a conservatory

While I often scold my nephews on their spelling mistakes, they, in turn,  introduce me to wonderful new places. God bless young people! And last week my trendy nephew Alex took me to his brand new sports club at 21 rue Blanche and we had lunch in the garden at BB. The chef Jean Imbert has recently opened “Encore” in New York,  and runs “Acajou” in the 16 th in Paris. 

The terrace is heavenly for lunch

The temperature was still warm and we had lunch in the courtyard of this 19 th century private house, located at the heart of “branchitude” (trendiness),  on rue Blanche just north of the Trinité church. It used to be a well known School of dramatic arts. Located on the second floor of the building, the restaurant is pleasantly decorated with fun wall paint and sofas and opens up on a large outdoor terrace. The copper and glass bar is in a beautiful round conservatory and the waitress was charming and beautiful.

Filet of Saint pIerre with artichoke purée

The menu lists vegan and gluten free food, with kale of course and poulette, dorade, beets, raviolis, corn and sweet potatoes: all the right dishes with enough sweetness to them to please me. Figs and mirabelles were on the dessert list and the Saint pierre I had was delicious with artichoke purée. Alex had poulette and it was equally good.

The blue dining room

And the green room

Customers wear trousers that are too short with no socks and well trimmed beards and girls are ultra sexy. At lunch they all come from E companies nearby like Google or Voodoo or from advertising agencies. Anyone can attend the restaurant but you need to book at 01 40 40 21 61. Prices average 60-70€ which is expensive for lunch.

Above and underneath are two floors of gyms and a beautiful dark swimming pool which you have to be a member of 21 Blanche club to access. 21 rue Blanche, 75009.

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3 Comments on “BB, le restaurant, is all pleasure”

  1. Hi laure

    All the elegant garden furniture is tectona
    The madelaine castaing collection ! Always nice to read your reviews
    Best regards Arnaud

  2. laure
    high water pants is what my mother used to call the
    short trouser set. it was not meant as a compliment.
    and kale! pauvre france (qui reste quand meme) eternelle.

  3. Hi Laure,
    Sounds deliciously wonderful!
    Do tell Alex he can take his “other aunt” the next time I am in Paris!


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