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Joséphine von Klitzing just started Jove-Paris with Uzbek shirts

It’s always fun to see your friends’ daughters become adventurers or fashion moguls and when Joséphine von Klitzing invited me to see her new collection of Uzbek shirts, Jove-Paris, I ran. She had a presentation at la Folie Saint Martin, a unique little house near Porte Saint Martin, where you can entertain, organise concerts or lectures and discover a new side of trendy Paris. Her colorful shirts made of Ikat, a coton/silk fabric, are out of this world and reminiscent of the Silk Road refinements.

In Marghilan, in the Fergana Valley, Joséphine poses with Gulchehkra Yunusuva, head of the studio and her young seamstresses

Joséphine has no fears. Born in Paris and raised in Frankfurt, she worked for a range of auctioneers and start ups in London and Berlin, and then decided she wanted to be her own boss. She was attracted to Uzbekistan and started learning Russian for her first trip to Tachkent. There, she got lucky and met the right people. This is her first collection of Jove-Paris shirts made in Marghilan, Fergana valley in Eastern Uzbekistan, 223 kms south of Tachkent.

Marghilan in in the Far East region of Uzbekistan, north of Tajikistan

Marghilan is famous for its apricots and pomegranates since the 9th century when it was a famous stopover on the Silk Road. But it is mostly the center of silk manufacturing in Uzbekistan. The cotton is uzbek and all the young workers are devoted to this special fabric called Khan-Atlas, an Ikat made of silk and cotton.

The Jove Fergana shirt has wider sleeves

Every type of this traditional uzbek fabric is incredibly attractive and the colors are all new to my eye. The shirts come in all sizes and sell for 175€. You can buy a shorter shape or longer, more becoming on a bathing suit… Some have balloon sleeves, others have a Mao collar.  There are also a few longer coats, the perfect outfit for a gallery opening. Soon, they will be on sale in shops around Paris but now you can just order them on Jove-Paris.

The seamstresses in Marghilan, Fergana valley

Like Inès Olaechea, whose shop of Latin American jewelry and fashion opened last month on 38 rue du Bac, Joséphine is part of a generation of fearless young ladies of the world who speak at least three languages and conquer new territories far from their original seventh arrondissement. Good for them!

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