Can 18 th century furniture be revamped?

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One of four Louis XVI armchair by Jean Baptiste Delaunay, 1764, recently covered in Patrick Frey silk

One of four Louis XVI armchairs by Jean- Baptiste Delaunay, 1764, covered in Patrick Frey silk by the Kraemer

French antique dealers specialised in 18 th century furniture have had a hard time recently. Most of the internet billionaires prefer to buy 1950’s furniture, with the photographs of where and when it was conceived. Hard to do with Marie Antoinette’s flat desk or the Great Catherine of Russia’s wardrobe… So the house of Kraemer, which carries pieces by very famous 17 th and 18 th century cabinet makers, has decided to revamp their furniture and the way they present it. With the help of Patrick Hourcade, who designed the exhibition of furniture at Versailles last year, and Kamel Mennour, the « it » gallerist who represents Anish Kapoor, Lee Ufan and Daniel Buren, they redecorated their huge Hôtel Particulier of rue de Monceau, located a few steps away from Musée Camondo, the epicenter of classical French furniture. I can’t say that seeing a red piece by Kapoor or stripes by Buren helped my understanding of furniture better, but I was impressed by what a piece of contemporary silk by Patrick Frey could do to a Delaunay armchair… and the place is quite amazing to visit. Do press the button at 43 rue de Monceau, you will not be disappointed…( from 10 am to 6 pm, until November 7 th)

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