Thaddaeus Ropac helps the young

Charming Thaddaeus Ropac is a visonaire. He was one of the first in Paris to move to Pantin, a suburb north of the new Philarmonie concert hall, and now Chanel and Hermès have followed with their workshops, creating a hub in this poor neighborhood. Last Friday, he was having the « Tout Paris » for dinner, in honor of Jean … Read More

Ring Hortense and museums open up

So many young people complain about working too hard or not working at all that it is really exhilarating to meet a 33 year old young lady, mother of (soon) 3, who trained as an engineer, worked in marketing for Voyages SNCF, the French train company,  and who has now opened an agency for booking museum private tours.

An Iksel decor is rejuvenating!

At the beginning of the year, one is always full of good intentions, like going swimming twice a week, cleaning one’s car thoroughly or entirely revamping the flat. Thanks to a very creative website dedicated to made-to-order decorative wall papers, you can change the decor of your daily life and turn your house into an Oriental garden or a French … Read More

Louis XIV dies again in Versailles

It is an extraordinary exhibition that Béatrix Saule, the curator, and Pier Luigi Pizzi, the scenographer, offer us in Versailles to celebrate Louis XIV th’ 300th death anniversary, “Le roi est mort”. The ceremonial of the death, which lasted from August 25 (the feast of Saint Louis) to September 2, 1715, the autopsy, (heart, body and entrails were separated) and … Read More

In 2016, I can’t wait for…

If you remember the luxurious costumes of Atys by Lully created by Sir William Christie at Opéra Comique in 1987 or at BAM in New York in 2011, you will enjoy the costume exhibition, “Barockissimo” at Centre National du Costume de Scène, in Moulins, from April 9 to September 18. For its 10 th anniversary, this very original museum in … Read More

Musée de l’homme, a fascinating renovation

After a six year renovation, fabulous Musée de l’Homme, located in Palais de Chaillot, has recently reopened for the great joy of children and parents. To see « Lucy » or whatever is left of her is undeniably a special emotion and to enter a world of warriors from 15 000 years ago and discover what they painted in caves … Read More

Renzo Piano is full of steam

I will admit it straight away : Renzo Piano is one of my favorite acrchitects and Fondation Beyeler in Basel, the idea I have of a perfect art gallery. So when I learned that Cité de l’architecture et du Patrimoine at Trocadero, was holding an exhibit of the Italian master, I rushed. And was happily relieved to enter the quiet space, … Read More

Noyon, a small town full of surprises!

Three years ago, Olivier de Rohan had an illumination while meeting a few students from Junior Enterprise at Ecole du Louvre, the art school which trains most French curators. As President of « Association pour la Sauvegarde de l’Art francais », he restores unlisted pre 1789 churches all around France. While talking to the students, he had the idea of … Read More