“Dans l’atelier”, artists and photographs at work

Christophe Leribault, has again prepared a major surprise for us at Petit Palais, with this delightful exhibition « Dans l’atelier » (In the artist’s studio). It comprises over 430 photographs and one drawing of the way artists worked since photography is invented. With a mixture of contemporary photographs by Gérard Rondeau or Gautier Deblonde, the collection of 19 th century … Read More

Marquet, a magician of atmospheres

Ever since I discovered a painting of the Seine by Albert Marquet at a friend’s house when I was 20, I was struck every time I saw a Marquet again. He had made a lasting impression on my young eyes. Eight years ago, Musée de la Marine had an extraordinary show of this turn of the century sensitive artist, who … Read More

Barcelo, a big surprise

Majorcan artist, Miquel Barcelo is one of my favorite artists. In 1987, I was given one of his first etchings of a boat and have been looking at it every day, since. It is briliant. There are two exhibitions of his in Paris at the moment. One, in the cellar of Musée Picasso, shows a large painting and wonderful pots … Read More

Two Rembrandts for the price of one

Since March 10 th, you can see at the Louvre, two portraits « en pied » (full-length) of Maerten Soolmans and his wife Oopjen Coppit painted by Rembrandt in 1634. This little miracle is due to a very ingenious cooperation between the Rijksmuseum in The Hague, and the Louvre in Paris. The Dutch bought the man, the French bought the lady. Some … Read More

From Budapest to the Luxembourg

The first four rooms of Musée du Luxembourg probably reserve the most aesthetic shock you can get in Paris today. They are devoted to medieval and 16 th century collections of the Budapest Art Museum. And the small building in the Luxembourg gardens next to the Senate, is a perfect jewel box, for these exceptional paintings and sculptures selected from … Read More

Botticelli revisited at the V and A

« Botticelli reimagined » is a very promising title and yet I did not expect much before entering the show at the V and A of the Italian master and his followers. The first rooms dedicated to 20 th century admirers like Dolce et Gabbana, Cindy Sherman or Andy Warhol, were fun but somewhat disappointing. Except for the beach pictures … Read More

“The Modern Garden” at the Royal Academy

« Painting the Modern garden, Monet to Matisse », is the right exhibition on the right theme in the right country. Where else, but in Great Britain, where everyone has a garden and cherishes it, could one have organised a show on painters who love gardening. There was a real faith animating the public in the crowded Royal Academy galleries, … Read More

Noureddine Amir sculpts dresses

To celebrate ten years of exceptional exhibitions at Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent, in the famous avenue Marceau house where Saint Laurent created his Haute couture, Pierre Bergé chose Noureddine Amir, a Moroccon sculptor-couturier. In the fall 2017, the space will become the Yves Saint Laurent museum.