At Fondation Custodia, Musée Cernuschi and Ji-Kabuki, Japan is everywhere

Since June, Paris has been buzzing with the Japanese season “Japonisme 2018” which celebrates 160 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and France. Japanese ambassador Masato Kitera,  who speaks perfect French,  attended Ecole Nationale d’Administration like his friend the Governor of Gifu prefecture, Hajime Furuta, who is also bilingual. They were hosting together a dinner and Ji-Kabuki performance at the … Read More

Tadao Ando, Tomas Saraceno and “Marxito”

What do Japanese architect Tadao Ando, Argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno and French chef Thierry Marx have in common? They draw young urban art lovers in masses. And it is a duplicated pleasure to see how 25-30 years old crowd the Pompidou center, the Palais de Tokyo and restaurant “Marxito” on rue Jean Mermoz, with their energy, their red lipstick and … Read More

In Roubaix, La Piscine is a temple for sculpture and local art

When you travel to Lille and its adjacent city of Roubaix, in the north of France, you enter a world of past huge wealth (the wool industry) which has been drastically erased in the 1970’s. Since, unemployment and desertification have been the mottos. A former swimming pool, La Piscine,  was transformed in 2001 into a museum of modern art with … Read More

At Fondation Cartier, Geometry is Latin American!

  Fondation Cartier has accustomed us to fun and high quality exhibitions ranging from architecture to African art and photography. This time, “Southern geometries from Mexico to Patagonia” could seem like an aggregate of shapes and colors that have nothing in common. But it actually gives us a leading thread between pre Hispanic art and today’s Indian and contemporary art. … Read More

Elena Prentice and Gustav de Staël, a talented couple

I have a weakness for a small gallery on rue de l’Echaudé, Documents 15,  which presents works on paper and mostly prints and etchings. This month’s show features a couple, Elena Prentice and Gustave de Staël, who are both wonderful artists. She paints with watercolor and he draws and prints. The hanging is perfect, and the very pretty space enlightens … Read More

A very good edition of FIAC

It was a young and very international FIAC, (Foire international d’art contemporain) this year at Grand Palais and I discovered a few artists which is what one wants from art fairs. The Grand Palais looked stupendous in the sun and everyone was still tanned from the summer and happy to be in Paris. With many exhibitions “off” at Petit Palais, … Read More

Paula Rego is so contemporary with her “Cruel stories”

At 83, Portuguese born British artist Paula Rego is as violent as ever in her show at Musée de l’Orangerie. I fell in love with her work in November 1988 in London, when she exhibited at the Serpentine gallery and one of the paintings, “The Policeman’s daughter”, which so struck me then, is also here. “The Cruel Stories” is about … Read More

At Grand Palais, Venice and Miro compete with FIAC for prime time

“Eblouissante Venise” is not as dazzling as announced at Grand Palais even if famous castrato Farinelli is representing opera, Polichinelle announces Commedia dell’ Arte and Tiepolo glitters with Canaletto. Miro is superb with many paintings from his youth which I had never seen before and FIAC, Foire internationale d’art contemporain should be a good edition starting on Thursday 18 to Sunday … Read More