An American at Musée de la Chasse

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To run a museum called Musée de la Chasse et de la nature is not always easy at a time when French people consider this a leisurely activity for the very rich… But Claude d’Anthenaise, the director who restored this beautiful hôtel particular in the Marais, has managed to always keep our minds excited with temporary exhibitions, on the ground … Read More

Picasso mania

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Chéri Samba, Picasso, 2000 © Chéri Samba Yan Pei-Ming's portrait, 2009, looks at Maurizio Cattelan's statue, 1998 There is something immediately uplifting in the first room of the Picasso.mania exhibition at Grand Palais. A large wall of 18 video interviews of contemporary artists such as Miquel Barcelo, Bertrand Lavier, Julian Schnabel and John Baldessari… talking about Picasso’s influence on their lives. One ... Read More

From Edo to Tokyo with Kuniyoshi and more…

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I did not know that before being called Tokyo, an anagram of Kyoto, the imperial capital until 1868, the main Japanese city for entertainment was called Edo and had more than 1 million inhabitants.. It is not surtprising then, that Kuniyoshi, the king of coloured prints in 18 th century Japan, had a large public and made over ten thousand … Read More

Korea now!

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It is France-Korea year and Paris is buzzing all over with this mysterious and so successful country. In music, golf and design, Koreans have made many of their names famous in the last ten years and so it seemed natural that Musée des Arts Décoratifs, dedicate two large spaces, la Grande Nef and Musée de la Mode to its artists … Read More

From royal couturier to painter of palaces

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  He became instantly world famous in the 1980’s after Princess Diana danced with John Travolta in the « ink-blue » velvet gown he designed for her dinner at the White House. Victor Edelstein, who started his career as a couturier at Biba in London in 1966, went on to dress all the British royalties and New York queens (Anna Wintour) and … Read More

Splendour and Misery at Orsay

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It is interesting to see that two major exhibitions in Paris, are totally dedicated to women. Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun at Grand Palais describes in detail the elegance of aristocrats at Marie Antoinette‘s court. « Splendour and Misery » at Musée d’Orsay, tries to draw a fresco of prostitution in the late 19 th century. It is full of beautiful … Read More

Wilfredo Lam out of Cuba and back

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Born the 8 th child of the family in Sagua la Grande, a little town east of Havana, Wilfredo Lam takes his Chinese name from his father Enrique Lam-Yam, who emigrated from Canton in 1860. His mother, part Congolese and part Spanish, was born in Cuba. Thus the most handsome metis young man, who studied art in Havana at 14, … Read More