Pol Bury’s necessary come back

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Kinetic sculptor Pol Bury died ten years ago but his wife, the New York sociologist Velma Bury, and his long time friend and museum curator Daniel Marchesseau, are well alive. And they were asked to organize  a restrospective of this major Belgian artist’s work at Espace Fondation EDF, next door to Le Soufflé Récamier. Thanks to Hubert Le Gall’s scenography, … Read More

Markus Lüpertz, a talented dandy

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He stands wearing a black hat and a stick and speaks in slow elegant German : Markus Lüpertz was at the Museum of Modern art of the City of Paris to present his new show of 140 paintings and sculptures. He is magnificent. « I am fascinated and very happy that my work is competing today with the beauty of … Read More

Fitzwilliam and Bourdelle strike a new friendship

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Jane Munro, curator of paintings and drawings at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, speaks perfect French and travels to Paris often. She found it totally natural, after spending six years of her life researching artists mannequins in paintings, to offer Musée Bourdelle the exhibition she had curated in Cambridge. Amélie Simier, took it on for the reopening of her museum … Read More

A multicolor Pierre Bonnard at Orsay

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No need to go to Musée Marmottan to see the exhibition « La Toilette, naissance de l’Intime » for there are 14 baigneuses by Pierre Bonnard at Musée d’Orsay. And I must say they are not my favourite. The exhibition, which is drawing 4 000 visitors a day, is a hit and everyone can find a style he likes in … Read More

Velazquez, full of surprises

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From the Elysée Palace to the Grand Palais on the Champs Elysées, where the Velazquez exhibition was opening that morning, a myriad of Spanish and French flags were celebrating the official visit of King Felipe and his beautiful wife Letizia of Spain. For the painter of King Philip IV, this was a strong « socialist » tribute ! but then … Read More

Drawings, drawings everywhere

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The show « Drawing now » has always been an easy way to find new artists. Over the years, when the contemporary drawing show was at the Louvre, I bought black and white drawings by Etienne Pressager and a burnt wood piece by South Corean artist Ji Eun Yoon. Now, it is taking place for the second time,  at Carreau du Temple, … Read More

From craftsmanship to art

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It was Palais de Tokyo again and its long waiting lines for the opening of « l’Usage des Formes », an exhibition curated by Gallien Déjean on similar themes as those of “le Prix de l’Intelligence de la Main” (Prize for Intelligence of the Hand) created 15 years ago by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation. Young ladies dressed in black with big red … Read More

A Catalan shepherd is a painter in the Alps

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Born near Morella in 1899 as Ancelmo Boix y Boix, Anselme Boix-Vives only started painting at the end of his life in 1962, after having emigrated at 18 to Moûtiers in the French Alps. From being a shepherd in Catalonia, he started a vegetable shop and became such a sound businessman that in 1956, he helped his son Laurent buy … Read More