Dream furniture in the Marais

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It was pouring rain and I had a hard time finding the door to the Carpenters workshop, a very discreet but grand gallery in the Marais, a block away from BHV super-trendy store. But when I saw the true « jewels » designed by South Korean artist Wonmin Park, the sky became blue ! The poetry and refinement of his … Read More

These royal pieces can be yours

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It is always exciting to walk into a pre auction exhibiton and choose (abstractly) the pieces one wants to buy ! This is exactly what I did at Sotheby’s this week, for the royal collection of the Orléans family. The last king of France, Louis Philipe had a short reign (1830-1848) as you can discover in Munro Price’s excellent biography, … Read More

“Divine Frago” at Musée du Luxembourg

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  The title of this exhibition of  paintings by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, “Fragonard in Love, suitor and libertine”, is very strange… The curator, Guillaume Faroult, takes great care in telling us that « Frago » was married (at 37) and faithful to his lovely painter wife Marie-Anne Gérard all his life, so why call him a libertine? But the scenes of … Read More

Revelations, a creative crafts fair

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There are few things more exciting than walking into Grand Palais at ten A.M. and seeing a whole range of 300 maitres d’art. And I was surprised at the number of craftsmen I discovered within two hours. This new art fair « Revelations », started two years ago by Henri Jobbé-Duval, was incredibly successful this year and here are the … Read More

Anne and Patrick Poirier, the dark visionaries

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The first time I was confronted to Anne and Patrick Poirier’s Mediterranean ruins, was at the French consulate in New York in 1978. André Gadaud, the then French Consul General, had commissioned from Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres, a fabulous  porcelain centerpiece  “Ruines d’Egypte”, which represented Greek  columns heightened with gold. I have since seen it again and felt the same … Read More

François 1er comes to Chantilly

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What better way to celebrate your 21st birthday than to win a battle which will make you famous for the rest of your life ? This is what François 1er, brand new king of France, did on September 13 th and 14 th (his birthday was on the 12th) 1515, in Marignano, near Milan. This is the only date that … Read More

Stained-glass windows as contemporary art

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  Second world war had one positive effect on French art : most stained-glass windows in French cathedrals were destroyed and thus as early as 1957, new windows were commissioned from famous French artists. Chagall, Bissière, Villon, Alberola, Rouan, Soulages, Garouste… all worked to restore or create over 2 000 new churches.

Louvre Lens, three years later

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When in December 2012, the Louvre museum opened a satellite in Lens, a mine workers town, 90 mns North of Paris, the International community raved about the SANAA flat silver building. In the snow and with grey skies, the effect was fabulous and mysterious. Inside, the Grande Galerie -which shows over 120 meters, works ranging from the Egyptians to 19 … Read More