Five days in New York

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I did not understand why there were so many police cars arresting people on the way back from Newark airport where my Openskies perfect flight had landed. Traffic was unbearable on Sunday night and there could not have been any speeding ! Only the next day, did I read in the New York Times, that the New Jersey bomber had been … Read More

Tintin invades the Grand Palais

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When Georges Remi was a little boy in Brussels, his mother used to take him to the movies once a week. When he grew up, he created the famous character of Tintin, first published in the magazine « Le petit Vingtième » (The little twentieth) in 1929. And he went on to draw the very real adventures of Tintin around … Read More

Henri Fantin-Latour, full of charm

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« Painting is my only pleasure and my only goal » says Henri Fantin-Latour at 19. His retrospective at Musée du Luxembourg is a soothing moment of charm and beauty in anxious Paris. And what a surprise to discover his many flower paintings which came from all around the world.

Noémie de Yturbe takes us on a bike ride

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  I am always amazed at young women with three children who have a life : artist Noémie de Yturbe is one of them, who juggles with being the PR of a golf club and creates, mostly at night, the most fun and entertaining drawings with ink and watercolor. The opening of her show at Arthème galerie in the heart of … Read More

Pantin, the new place to be

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The new Pantin, a suburb north east of Paris, looks glamorous and slick. Some people compare it to what has become of  Brooklyn in the last twenty years. The renovation of Magasins Géréraux, a huge warehouse located on the canal de l’Ourcq, by advertising agency BETC, is an event : the trendy 900 employees are creating a whole new cultural … Read More

Sheila Hicks embroids Carnavalet

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There is something whimsical about Sheila Hicks’ woolen art “ApprenTissages” exhibited in the courtyard of Musée Carnavalet until October 2. At the inauguration, the boxwood and flower bushes gave a welcome freshness to an overheated Marais. Hôtel Carnavalet was designed in the Renaissance and finished in the 17 th century by Mansart, is closing for renovation soon and Festival d’Automne … Read More

At Galerie Kugel, excellence is the rule

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There is still a magical Ali Baba cave in Paris, and it is called Galerie Kugel ! Every year, Nicolas and Alexis Kugel, who represent the fifth generation of these Russian antique dealers, surprise us with yet another theme for their precious objects : this year it is automat clocks with animals, and suddenly, on the half hour, they were … Read More

Roger Tallon’s talent is everywhere

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You think you don’t know Roger Tallon ? well you are wrong, for this engineer turned designer after working for Dupont de Nemours and Caterpillar in the United States, created most French trains starting with Train Corail, the TGV and Eurostar !