An architectural adventure to watch from home

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The first film and book produced by this amazing young couple, Louise Lemoine and Ila Bêka, was about Rem Koolhaas’ house in Bordeaux. A very special building, now world famous, conceived after her father Jean-François Lemoine had a car accident that left him very impaired.

Castro is gone, Cubans celebrate

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Fidel Castro’s death on Friday November 25, was received with different feelings in Havana and in Miami. In Paris,  novelist Zoé Valdès, who came as a political refugee in 1994, put up a Cuban flag on her balcony near the Bastille.

John le Carré, better than ever

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Every pubisher will tell you : it is the first sentence of a book that counts, in order to keep the reader going. In « The pigeon tunnel », Stories from my life, John Le Carré starts like this : « I sit at my desk in the basement of the little Swiss chalet that I built with the profits … Read More

Guendalina Litta, a good fairy for your parties

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How does one entertain in style? The regretted Pierre Celeyron  was a genius at giving you personalized decors for your balls, weddings and birthday parties. He used to work with three good fairies, Isabelle Baer, Fabienne de Sèze and Guendalina Litta. Two of them have kept going, organizing week long events like  Vanisha Mittal’s Indian wedding in Versailles and Vaux le … Read More

Claude Perdriel, a very serious lover… of life

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« Why would you want to write about Claude Perdriel ? », asked famous writer and journalist Jean Daniel, « because his life is a novel » replied biographer Marie- Dominique Lelièvre. And this is exactly what I felt like while reading this fun and lively biography of one of France’s most brilliant contemporary press entrepreneur.

A crazy week in Paris

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How do you make an 18 th century building look like a contemporary one ? Ask Daniel Buren to disguise it with light and this is how Aveline, the antique store created by Jean-Marie Rossi, place Beauvau next to the Ministry of Interior, has become one of the most attractive sights at night in Paris (until Dec. 1). Something to … Read More

Five days in New York

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I did not understand why there were so many police cars arresting people on the way back from Newark airport where my Openskies perfect flight had landed. Traffic was unbearable on Sunday night and there could not have been any speeding ! Only the next day, did I read in the New York Times, that the New Jersey bomber had been … Read More