A book that opens houses

The first time I was invited at Guy de Rothschild’s house in Normandy,  he graciously welcomed me in the parking and said : « It’s amusing to discover a new house isn’t it ? » This was the most understated remark he could make and I always remember his voice when I enter a new place. His stud farm of … Read More

Saint-Roch, a very special church and now a book

The church of Saint-Roch, a few blocks from the Louvre and the Comédie Française, is very special to Parisians. Not only does it own one of the most precious religious art collections of the capital, it is also the parish of Artists. For that reason, it held many of the famous designers’, musicians’ or actors’ funeral masses including Yves Saint … Read More

Liliane and Lily take us on a riveting journey

There are many good books around and reading a friend’s book is always a treat, because one feels one understands more than what is actually written. But discovering « The Double life of Liliane » by National book award winner Lily Tuck, is not only an immense pleasure, it is a poetic journey through the second half of the 20 … Read More

Joël Dicker strikes again

You probably remember the phenomenal success of « La vérité sur l’affaire Harry Quebert » published three years ago exactly by Editions de Fallois. In Great Britain, Germany and in Italy it was equally successful with over 2 million copies sold by 35 publishers world wide in hard cover. The very young (27 at the time) Swiss writer had set his psychological … Read More

Young talents at Publicis

There are a few magical hidden places in Paris and the terrace on top of the Publicis building, on place de l’Etoile, is one of them. Each year in September, a poetry and a literary prize are given to a young writer by the Fondation pour la Vocation Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet and a relaxed and yet delicious lunch follows on the … Read More

Cap Ferret launches the “Rentrée Littéraire”

Eating foie gras and swimming in huge waves on Ocean beach at Cap Ferret, a trendy summer resort an hour south of Bordeaux, is wonderful enough but when you do it at the end of the summer, in the company of such brilliant writers as Alain Mabanckou, Brigitte Giraud and Philippe Trétiack, it is much more fun.

At Centre Pompidou Metz, the world of Michel Leiris.

« It is through modern art that I discovered « art nègre » at 20, and eventually became an ethnologist » says, Michel Leiris (1901-1990). who is the focus of an exhibition of 350 works at Centre Pompidou Metz. He is one of those extraodinary characters who wrote poetry, went on long expeditions from Dakar to Djibouti (1931-33) while he … Read More

After ten years, “The Cost of Courage”

It’s about time for Charles Kaiser to celebrate ! He has been at work on his new book « The Cost of Courage » for ten years, including three in Paris for research. The result is a very authentic and clearly written story of the Boulloche, a typical high society French catholic family, with a very unusual destiny. Three of … Read More