Double bill in Rueil Malmaison

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There is something magical about the two exhibitions taking place at Atelier Grognard, in Rueil Malmaison at the moment. The first one is dedicated to Parisian suburbs painted by Corot, Vlaminck, Marquet or Harpignies… in the 19 th century. The second one, a few hundred yards away, at Château de Malmaison, shows a collection of the Empress Joséphine’s fabulous court … Read More

Marie Hélène de Taillac transforms cristal into precious stones

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Jewelry designer Marie Hélène de Taillac has been working in Jaipur for over twenty years developing her line of jewelry in her own shops in Paris, New York and Tokyo. It seemed natural that Baccarat, the famous cristal manufacturer from Lorraine, would invite her to create a new line of contemporary necklaces and rings for the young generations.

Vivienne Westwood in Paris… at last

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We have been waiting for her for forty years and she has settled in Paris at last. After Paul Smith who is one of my favorite eccentric English designer, Vivienne Westwood, queen of the 70’s London style, asked architect Philippe Jolivald, and designer Simona Franci to create a decor of resin, stainless steel and plated wood. It is  warm and … Read More

“Autonomy” fair at la Villette

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Driving to the Grande Halle de la Villette at rush hour is really a pilgrimage and I only went out of curiosity for what Maureen Houel, the organiser, told me was a young generation’s fair. And I am glad I did, because Autonomy,  this show of city transportation was enlightening as to what 20-40 years old are up to, these … Read More

Five days in New York

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I did not understand why there were so many police cars arresting people on the way back from Newark airport where my Openskies perfect flight had landed. Traffic was unbearable on Sunday night and there could not have been any speeding ! Only the next day, did I read in the New York Times, that the New Jersey bomber had been … Read More

Christian Dior in his childhood house

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I had not been to Granville, Normandy, since I was a child and when I arrived after a three and a half hour drive from Paris, I felt blissfully happy. The five miles long beach at low tide and the magnificent views from fashion designer Christian Dior‘s childhood house, gave me the feeling of privileged beauty. Bought by the town … Read More

Naïla de Monbrison, a world of “sculpted” jewels

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  Next year, Naïla de Monbrison will celebrate thirty years of her jewellery gallery located place du Palais Bourbon. She was one of the first in Paris to celebrate contemporary jewellery and to treat the pieces she sells like art objects. At the moment she is showing Italian goldsmith Giampaolo Babetto, who sculpts gold with genius.

Ohko Ishida, a sculptor of hats

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One evening, I received a very excited phone call from art curator Daniel Marchesseau. He was standing in a gallery rue de Seine, in front of a myriad of sculptural straw hats and wanted me to come and see them straight away. Which I did of course the next morning. And here they are… « Le coup de chapeau », … Read More