Cy Twombly, fireworks at Pompidou center

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Walking into the first room of the Cy Twombly exhibition at Pompidou center was like entering a sacred temple. The emotion was immense and the pleasure doubled by the presence of many knowledgeable curators who talked brilliantly about his work. This retrospective of 140 paintings, photographs and sculptures was curated by Jonas Storsve and made possible by the Cy Twombly … Read More

A magical Christmas decor at Vaux le Vicomte

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If you are too lazy to put up a Christmas tree at home and you still want to show the magic of Christmas to your children or grandchildren, do make the trip to Vaux le Vicomte, the beautiful castle of Seine et Marne, which is open every week-end until the end of the year, and every day from the 17 … Read More

Shchukin, a voracious collector

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This week, I exceptionally asked Celestine Bohlen,  New York Times foreign correspondent and columnist, specialized in Russia, to write a portrait of this amazing Russian collector. And this is what she generously shared with us: “At the end of the 19th century, Sergei Shchukin, heir to a Russian textile fortune, began to collect French art, hesitantly at first and later … Read More

Guendalina Litta, a good fairy for your parties

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How does one entertain in style? The regretted Pierre Celeyron  was a genius at giving you personalized decors for your balls, weddings and birthday parties. He used to work with three good fairies, Isabelle Baer, Fabienne de Sèze and Guendalina Litta. Two of them have kept going, organizing week long events like  Vanisha Mittal’s Indian wedding in Versailles and Vaux le … Read More

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween (All hallow’s eve)  has not really reached Paris yet, as far as decorations go, but there were many parties going on all around the country this week end. We tend to visit cemeteries and cover our tombs with chrysanteums. I can’t resist sending you some of the pictures  I received from the States.

A crazy week in Paris

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How do you make an 18 th century building look like a contemporary one ? Ask Daniel Buren to disguise it with light and this is how Aveline, the antique store created by Jean-Marie Rossi, place Beauvau next to the Ministry of Interior, has become one of the most attractive sights at night in Paris (until Dec. 1). Something to … Read More

Napoléon III at Orsay

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There could not be a better place than Musée d’Orsay for an exhibition on « Spectacular Second Empire », the lavish era of Napoléon the Third, the French equivalent of Victorian style. The show curated by Guy Coeval is elegantly set by Hubert le Gall and looks more like an antique dealers stand than an exhibition. It is a pleasure … Read More

Five days in New York

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I did not understand why there were so many police cars arresting people on the way back from Newark airport where my Openskies perfect flight had landed. Traffic was unbearable on Sunday night and there could not have been any speeding ! Only the next day, did I read in the New York Times, that the New Jersey bomber had been … Read More