Travelling through Italian gardens

« L’Italie des Jardins » is the beautiful result of three years of traveling and many thousand years of growing : César Garçon, a garden lover turned photographer, and Pierre de Filippis, who runs a travel agency specialized in European garden tours, united their talents and knowledge to sum up the most important gardens of Italy.

Maxim’s has its secret museum

Many old Parisians have never heard of it let alone visited it, and yet Musée Maxim’s was opened eleven years ago to house Pierre Cardin’s Art Nouveau collections. When, in 1981, the couturier bought the famous Paris restaurant and the building above it (now he owns another one next-door), he already loved art and had been buying many pieces at … Read More

Saint-Roch, a very special church and now a book

The church of Saint-Roch, a few blocks from the Louvre and the Comédie Française, is very special to Parisians. Not only does it own one of the most precious religious art collections of the capital, it is also the parish of Artists. For that reason, it held many of the famous designers’, musicians’ or actors’ funeral masses including Yves Saint … Read More

Cooking, Italian style

It said 6.30 to 9 pm and the idea of watching a famous young Italian chef, Deborah Corsi, cook at Hotel de Gallifet, one of Paris’ most beautiful private house on rue de Grenelle, was exciting enough. But what really happened that night went way beyond. I entered a fabulous stage, where preparing gnocchi’s became a feast as beautiful as … Read More

A country wedding

The date, October 3rd, was a little risky weather wise, but the young couple was eager to get married and since Felix had proposed to Marguerite, kneeling down on a beach in Cuba, last April, it seemed silly to postpone… After a civil ceremony in very trendy Cap Ferret in July, the mixed Calvinist and Catholic marriage was celebrated, in … Read More

A gastronomic adventure

Would you like to grow pleurotes mushrooms in your cellar with the leftover grind of your coffee machine ? Well here is the recipe provided by Arnaud Ulrich at Comptoir des producteurs, a newly decorated vegetable shop which is conceived as a showroom for three star chefs. The very pretty Monte Cristo mushrooms, have a definite coffee aftertaste and I just … Read More

These royal pieces can be yours

It is always exciting to walk into a pre auction exhibiton and choose (abstractly) the pieces one wants to buy ! This is exactly what I did at Sotheby’s this week, for the royal collection of the Orléans family. The last king of France, Louis Philipe had a short reign (1830-1848) as you can discover in Munro Price’s excellent biography, … Read More

“Vie de Château” in Beaujolais

There is something almost sinful in waking up at Château de la Chaize, watching French gardens designed by Le Nôtre from my window and thinking about our hostess, Caroline von Klitzing, who is working hard in the cellar to conclude the wine making season. And I enjoyed it immensely.