Making bread is a child’s play

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It has never come to my mind to bake bread since there are so many bakeries still open in Paris but two of you have sent me bread recipes from London and California, so I figure this should be of interest to you. The no-knead bred takes a little time but no expertise… It is a child’s play.

Shoulder of lamb stew by Denise Dubois

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Denise Dubois was born in Brittany just under the nose, in Crozon. Her grand mother taught her how to cook and how to live in this wild part of France where the wind reigns. Fish is of course the great specialty in this fishing community near Camaret, but for Easter, lamb prevails, and this recipe of stewed shoulder of lamb … Read More

A recipe a week and a great lemon mousse

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It is rare nowadays to live in a town which carries your last name, especially on the Riviera. Monique d’Agay, has lived all her life near St Raphael and  is a Provençale cook by excellence. She gave us two recipes one of a quiche provençale with red and green peppers and one of a lemon mousse.

A recipe a week: aillade de veau

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There is no need to write about restaurants at the moment, and yet it is important to keep eating well and to share cooking moments with your dear ones. I know that you love seeing food in these pages, so I will send you an easy recipe every week which you can prepare and feel like you are in deep … Read More