Claude Iverné, at Fondation Henri Cartier Bresson

Mnaïma Adjak / Peuple Shénabla / Clan Awasma / Dar Jawama / Kordofan Nord / August 2001© Claude Iverné – Elnour

The two floors of Fondation Cartier Bresson on Impasse Lebouis, were particularly vibrant for the opening of Claude Iverné’s « Bilad es Sudan » exhibition of photographs of North and South Sudan.

Maison de Fayçal Mohamed, Jaber/Peuple Nouba Miri/Camp de populations déplacées «Mayo»/ Extension Mandela / Khartoum/ Oct. 2005 © Claude Iverné – Elnour

The fifty four year old photographer was trained in fashion photography by Pierre Cardin and Paolo Roversi and studied with Jean François Chevrier at Ecole des Beaux Arts. After documenting old peasants, “Les Anciens de l’Aveyron” in 1996, he spent 18 years in Sudan, working on Darb al Arba’ïn, the dirt road which used to link Darfour and Egypt in forty days. He took black and white pictures of ceremonies, architecture and desert sceneries.

Vestiges d’une cafétéria / Jardin du 6 avril / Khartoum / Juin 2001 © Claude Iverné – Elnour

When he won the generous Henri Cartier Bresson prize two years ago, he went back to document, in color this time, the refugees of South Sudan. Nomads and peasants, traditional houses and huts, pyramids in the desert and primitive schools, are all portrayed here with a sensitivity and a finesse that are especially moving.

École secondaire / Église adventiste du septième jour / Quartier Hai Kuwait / Juba / Déc. 2015
© Claude Iverné – Elnour

But mostly it is an anthropologist’s research that Iverné has realised, being the only photographer to have portrayed this country for a century.

Cérémonie de remise de diplômes d’apprentis / Centre de formation Saint-Vincent-de-Paul / Sœur Emmanuelle / Quartier Lologo / Juba / Déc. 2015 © Claude Iverné – Elnour

The pictures are beautiful and fit especially well in the intimate rooms of the foundation. The prize is cosponsored by the Hermès foundation and the show will be in New York at Aperture foundation from September 15 to November 9.  (Fondation Henri Cartier Bresson, until July 30, entrance is free on Wednesday nights from 6.30 to 8.30)

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