Daniel Otero Torres is a good surprise at Drawing Lab!

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Series of ” Perro sin dueño, 2020, drawing on inox metal

The Drawing Lab, a private contemporary space dedicated to drawing, always has interesting shows: an artists and a curator offer a project as a team, which is chosen among a few others. Thus a show which results from the work of a duet and the art which is conceived especially for the space. At the moment, Colombian artist Daniel Otero Torres shows the works of many years of research in Cauca, an archeological site on the Pacific Coast of Colombia.  Four large drawings on metal stand like totems in the main room, while “Perro sin dueño” (Dog with no master) sits quietly at the bottom of the stairs. Ceramics complete the four room installation called “Tierradentro”, the interior land. 

Daniel Otero Torres in the gallery with a flower decor by his partner Audrey Venant

Based on prehispanic legends and history from different Latin American countries, this exhibition connects them to Mediterranean archaic cultures. The artist is inspired by Egyptian and Hindu gods and associates them to today’s fights for women equality and contemporary actions. His partner, Audrey Venant who cofounded “Désirée“, a flower shop and a café, has contributed very efficiently with vegetal installations. Otero Torres remembers famous women fighters in the various XX th century conflicts like the Spanish Civil war or the  Sandinista revolution. But he is also interested in psychothropic plants like Brugmansias, and has a particular affection for dogs with no masters which he found in Istanbul.

Arbol de la Vida, Welcome to the Jaguar house, Colibri, De noche y de día, Saludando a los Sabios

He has travelled extensively and starts with taking photographs. Then he draws on metal and cuts and patches pieces together. He has made many origami and tries to give the metal the same lightness that you get with paper. He has a training as an engineer and architect and therefore constructs his sculptures. His theme is like often with Latin American artists, to unite two continents and transform them as a mirror of each other. Each silhouette has a drawing on one side and a mirror on the back, the more polished side of the metal. It is a very physical experience that he wants to transmit while we wander around his sculptures.

Petra, Ceramic, 2021

In a smaller room, he shows five ceramic vases and he also sculpted ceramic plates which hang on the wall. The story is very efficient and one comes out of the gallery with a calming effect. The exhibition is open until June 17 by appointment at 01 73 62 11 17 or info@drawinglabparis.com, 17 rue de Richelieu, near the Louvre.

Tierradentro, general view of the exhibition

The team from Drawing lab has also opened a building of 30 artists studios, the Drawing Factory,  at 11 avenue Mac Mahon, near place de l’Etoile, which are lent for 6 months with a 500€ monthly scholarship to young artists.

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One Comment on “Daniel Otero Torres is a good surprise at Drawing Lab!”

  1. What a wonderful discovery, Laure ! Great photos and write-up of the art of Daniel Otero Torres, which I find very intriguing.
    I’m also glad to know about the Drawing Lab.
    Thanks for keeping us inspired !

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