“Dix pour cent”, the series is back

Isabelle Adjani and agent Thibault de Montalembert dressed in Paul Smith in Season 2

Those of you who live in France might remember laughing endlessly last year when “10%”, the tv series about a talent agency became a huge hit. Well the good news is that the next 6 episodes will be aired on France 2, starting April 19 th. At a time when French politics are becoming more and more nauseous, this hilarious series is more than welcome.

Camille Cottin as Andrea Martel, a gay and very attractive agent

At the screening at CNC (Centre national du cinema) where Frédérique Bredin organises tv screenings  now that some of the series overcome the success of cinema, the newcomer actor Assaâd Bouab, was the center of attention. His impeccable look as a rich boy who buys the agency, is a new twist in the agency’s little world where Camille Cottin and Thibault de Montalembert are as strong as ever.  I particurlarly liked Nicolas Maury who plays the part of a young gay assistant with a a high pitched voice. He is hilarious.

Nicolas Maury surrounded by Sophia Leprince, Camille Valentini and Noémie Leclerc, all excellent assistants

I met the production team, producer Harold Valentin, Fanny Herrero, the creator of the story who works with six different script writers and Fanny Rondeau the coproducer from France 2 TV. They all seemed pretty proud of the success of the screening!

Fanny Rondeau, head of fiction at France 2

And proud to hear that foreign sales  had been strong in Cannes where Mip tv was taking place : Netflix bought American rights for « Call my agent » as the series is named in America and NHK in Japan is closely looking.

The series which relates the crazyness of agents in the movie world, starts this time with the infidelities of an actress married to a famous star. They both decide to leave the agency.

Fanny Herrero creator of the series with Harold Valentin, the producer and one of the screen writers Sabrina Karin

Another episode tells of how Camille Cottin manages to steal Fabrice Lucchini from his long time agent. The relationship between clients and agents is hilariously dark.

So make a plan to stay home on April 19, 26 and May 3. The episodes will be on France 2 and they will be a good derivative from the elections…

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