Do you like pepper? Try it at Bernard du 15…near Beaugrenelle

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Bernard Sellin is obsessed with pepper which he tracks all over the world

If you find yourself near Beaugrenelle, in this dreary area where shopping malls reign supreme, don’t hesitate to stop at Bernard du 15, a restaurant on rue des Entrepreneurs which specializes in pepper. Some cost 240 € a kilo! and they come from all over the world. From Ahom in India, Sarawak in Malaysia, or Likouala in Congo. Kerala, Lampong, Cameroun, Malabar or Madagascar. With a modestly priced menu at 28€, you get to travel all over the world and taste new flavors.

Oeuf à la coque with mushroom and Cambodian pepper collected by birds

After the soft boiled eggs, I had a filet of sea bass and incredible cream puffs with quince jelly inside. The pepper came from Szechuan in China. I liked this restaurant where the owner is obviously passionate about his trade and lunch was extremely jolly even though it was almost snowing outside. The menu is short with veau marengo and cod or pintade on offer. Duck paté to start or soup. Desserts are essentially made of fruit, roasted pear and apple sauce or quince from Bernard’s garden.

We went off to see the movie “Judy” at the huge cinema next door. And I kept the nice taste of peppered quince jelly on my palate.

Bernard du 15, 62 rue des Entrepreneurs, tel: 01 40 59 09 27

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