Dreaming about festive times

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A floating cocktail party in Belgium catered by Loriers, photo Michaël Ferire

Guendalina Litta specializes in the planning of grand weddings and balls so now is not exactly the time to launch her new book,  but if you look at it, we need more than ever to dream about future happy moments and you might want to read it for simple ideas like matching the food to colored plates or using lights and easy-to-find ferns to decorate a grand space. There is basically no text nor (sadly) any name dropping in this picture book, but your imagination can complete the photos which are mostly taken at parties in Belgium, Italy and France. She works with a team of eleven International staff and can produce any miracle.

Pink flowers and blue vases assembled by Rattiflora in Italy

The first image is of tiny pink bouquets in blue and white vases inspired by China and it is a tribute to the work of Rattiflora, an Italian garden and flower company which works out of Como. The idea is simple and easy to copy. Grander decors include a lavish imperial wedding at château de Fontainebleau, where Eric Chauvin had a forest of white flowers hang from the ceilings with electrical candles lighting the scene.

Whether you have a natural decor like Syon house and its fantastic portraits, or just plain white walls, you can always play with flowers, candles and plates. This is what Guendalina enhances in this second book on how to prepare a beautiful feast.

Dinner at Syon House with a flower decor by Thierry Boutemy

I particularly liked her outdoor decors with or without a castle in the background, lunch in Tuscany with rattan chairs and tiny vegetables at the center of the table, dinner at Villa Ephrussi near Nice given for an American wedding. Also the star illuminated ceilings which are reminiscent of Pierre Celeyron’s celestial tent for Kristen van Riel’s ball in Saint Cloud in September 1995. Guendalina used to work with him, with Isabelle Baer and Fabienne de Sèze until he died and with him a certain style of celebrations.

Encased flowers under a plexiglass top serve as a beautiful tablecloth thanks to Daniel Patzelt in Belgium

In one decor she uses flowers under plexiglass as a tablecloth for her transparent plates, in another she creates a platform on water for a floating cocktail party in Belgium with Loriers caterers. The book is tribute to all her excellent allies who create the best food and the most magic. She is the conductor of this very special orchestra.

An enchanted lunch decor in Tuscany

Next year, when normality resumes, she plans on specializing in museum events for fundraisers or private parties. To associate culture and fun is her new crusade.

Info@guendalinalitta.com  “Dream makers” is published in French and English by Flammarion and sells for 75€.

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