Edith Dufaux, invites mystery at Alain Margaron’s gallery

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Ladders, 2019, Monotype and mixed techniques

Galerie Alain Margaron has accustomed us to seeing post war painters like Fred Deux, René Laubiès, Anselme Boix-Vives and Dado, so it was an interesting discovery to see Edith Dufaux’s monotypes of space, geography, cartography. Through forty works on paper and a few paintings, we discover an artist who had exhibited at Fondation Cartier in 1990 and not much since. Very exciting.

The Border, 2019, monotype and mixed techniques

Edith Dufaux, who turns 60 this year, works in her studio in Montreuil, just outside Paris and shows us the world. She was brought up in an apartment where black and white photographs and press clippings covered the walls. She now uses ink with sometimes a little color to describe man’s relationship to the world with tiny little characters climbing ladders or walking along a cliff. They are very intriguing.

Thinking of Buster Keaton, 2019, monotype

The immensity of her landscapes gives a sense of scale as she studies the limitations of the human body. Mountain heights, a large lake, stony grounds, her work concentrates on space and our own relationship to it. There is a lot of poetry in these monotypes so take the time to visit the gallery near Musée Picasso.

Until July 27, Galerie Alain Margaron, 5 rue du Perche.

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