Elegant presents for all ages

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Keith Haring, Red Heart with Gold Candle, 75 € at Ligne Blanche in galerie Vero Dodat

If you can’t afford a painting by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring or Alex Katz, Ligne Blanche has a solution for you. Buy a plate, a coffee cup or a candle designed by them. This smart company started working with famous artists or their estates to reproduce their art on Limoges porcelain plates. And the result is great fun. I was alerted to these pieces by Thaddaeus Ropac  and was happy to discover that besides its shop on galerie Vero Dodat, Ligne Blanche also has a website where you can order from. Plates are 80€ or 90€ each and they will definitely enliven your dinners. Socks for men and women are another option and if you are just surrounded by very gourmet friends go for black truffles. They only grow in the winter and it’s really worth cooking with them. Beautiful linen can be found at Noël, a perfect name for Christmas presents, where Olivia Dieudonné is now in charge of marketing…

Blue and beige braided socks by meschaussettesrouge.com sell for 23€

Every year I remind you to order socks from Mes chaussettes rouges and every year you thank me. This shop specialized in ultra refined Italian, French and American socks, will convince you of the beauty of elegant footwear. You can buy a box of superstrong ones in seven colors for 145€ or go for cashmere or silk socks which won’t last as long. You can also order your special weave in your own colors. As everyone knows, men are often judged by their shoes and socks. There are new items like vintage sports socks and contention socks for flying which come out in sexy colors. And of course, the classical shooting socks. There is a box with “seven nuances” of reds for 215 € and deliveries are free in France for orders over 80€. But you can also visit the shop at 9 rue César Franck near the Invalides.

Andy Warhol, white flower plate at Ligne Blanche

The Ligne Blanche shop is worth visiting on Passage Vero Dodat. Not only because it is across the way from Passebon who sells beautiful decorative pieces. But its multitude of artsy porcelain can give you good ideas for Christmas.

Coffee cups by Jean Michel Basquiat for Ligne Blanche Paris

I love truffles and have long ago discovered the production in Touraine of Serge Desazars who spends the whole year preparing his plantations of truffle oaks for the winter season. With his dogs, he roams the 60 hectares property from November to January, looking for the precious mushroom. In France we get black truffles,(in Italy they are white) and they are delicious with pasta, scrambled eggs or just shredded on a piece of toast. Chefs usually like to play with them and decorate scallop dishes in black and white. At the Grand Véfour, I remember eating them on mâche salad. Their very exciting smell and flavor definitely have a special sex appeal and never leave anyone indifferent.

Truffles from le Baron de la Truffe have a serious reputation

You can order them from the website barondelatruffe where a bag of 200 g of small truffles will cost you 150€.

Serge Desazars in his truffle field in Touraine

And last but not least, the delightful shop Noël across the street from Musée Guimet on place d’Iéna, has presents from 33€ for a perfumed embroidered little cushion to sophisticated hand embroidered tablecloths around 5 000€. I fell for the children rabbit bathrobes, small head pillows with an Asian decor, tiny cocktail embroidered napkins sold in a box of 6 and tea towels in all shades of green for a designer’s kitchen. There are countless Kleenex boxes, linen cases, travelling bags, all beautifully embroidered.

Pillows an’ sheets with an Asian decor

If you’re invited in Lammu for Christmas, there is a pretty design with zebras, and if you don’t know how to spend your vast fortune, a ravishing tablecloth for 5 000€. Long embroidered t-shirts can serve as nightgowns, and perfect hangers decorated with silk cord will enliven your closets.

The most expensive item is this ravishing hand embroidered tablecloth

This is one of the last sophisticated and luxurious linen shop since Porthault was sold by its founders years ago, so take advantage of its refinement. We now have learned that some delights don’t last…

Baby rabbits make for a perfect birth present

Tea towels from Noël are refined and affordable



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  1. Dear Laure

    John McPhee in Sydney introduced me to your post and I look forward to hearing from you every week. I normally travel to Paris often working with Museums who lend collection to Australia.

    This post with Christmas gift ideas is much appreciated. I also enjoy your reviews of new exhibitions and recipes.

    With my very best for the Christmas season.

    Carol Henry

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