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Gilles Nicolas is a painter and a sculptor and he has a specific passion for very large animals. Elephants and dynosaures, have no secrets for him and he has therefore been a long time contributor to the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution of Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, in Paris. His three apes and chimpazees welcome us in the first room of the exhibition devoted to Apes.


The African caravan of the Grande Galerie

There were dozens of small children at the opening and they were so fascinated that their parents could not take them away from the numerous screens and stuffed animals. Silent black and white films showing chimpanzees in a frock, disguised as men at the beginning of the 20 th century.

Films of them again in their environment, eating fruit and ants and climbing trees. The exhibition is conceived by Sabrina Krief, a major scientist who has devoted her life as a veterinary to Ugandan apes and has written many books on the topic. The visit is a fun travel through the jungle of the museum and a perfect rainy afternoon entertainment. The bouquet final is the vision of the restored Museum’s central nave with giraffes and zebras. (until March 2016)


Gilles Nicolas transporting his ape to the museum


One of the apes in the artist’s studio










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