Fans are “in” for every occasion


Raphaëlle de Panafieu and Eloïse Gilles run Duvelleroy with flair

The shop window on rue Amélie

The shop window on rue Amélie

They have been running this very prestigious 19 th century fan company, Duvelleroy, since 2010 and their adventure is just starting.


Mother of pearl and Peacock feathers, a true piece of jewelry

Raphaëlle and Eloïse, two young graduates from Sciences Pô and Essec in Paris, have guts ! They were lucky enough to start with an order of 100 couture fans for a British event in 2011 and have sold their creations at Bergdorf in New York, Colette, Guerlain  and Bon Marché in Paris. Couture houses order specific items with feathers, swarowski beads or mother of pearl for their shows. Fans are « in » and can be found rue Amélie in Paris.

Blue cabriolet

Blue cabriolet

In 1827, when the house was founded, the Duchesse de Berry gave a big ball where everyone was wearing a fan and Duvelleroy was launched. Today, singer Katy Perry wore one of their first fans designed by Jean Charles de Castelbajac, with « air conditioning » written in black on red and the success was immediate !

Opti print in white

Optic print in white

A bright yellow shop reminding everyone of Madame Duvelleroy’s yellow dresses, special fans created for the Moulin Rouge or the Paris Opera, and by Jacques Garcia for the Louvre, show that these young ladies have not remained idle for the last five years.

Leopard in white

Leopard in white

They know how to shake he tradition of French fans whose pleats made in a mould is unique to our country. Whether they are considered as jewelry (the most fancy ones go for  1 800 €) or as fun items at weddings or perfume launches (from 45€), fans definitely have a new life in fashion and in the theatre. And you can all be part of it.

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