Florence Lehmann, lights up jewelry

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Florence Lehmann, bracelets in polyester resin

Naïla de Montbrison has a tiny jewelry gallery on rue de Bourgogne with a huge aura. And for the first time she is showing Florence Lehmann, an artist from Strasburg, who creates phosphorescent jewelry in resin: this inlcudes rings for the little finger only, large necklaces and magnetic broaches. She teaches at Strasburg School of Decorative arts and conceives jewels as sculptures.

Florence Lehmann wearing one of her necklaces in sculpted resin

It is always exciting to discover a new artist and listening to Florence Lehmann at the opening of her show was particularly intriguing. Over the years, she developed a technique of phosphorescent resin which means that your bracelet or your ring will evolve over the evening with the change of light and your body heat. As she trained as an artist, she also sculpts, paints or prints the resin.

“Blue screen “, a double bracelet, in printed white resin  with phosphorescent paint, 2018

Her creative work is all about technic, perception and temperature, also changing reflections. Her jewels are alive. Some of the pieces change color with the heat of the body. Her magnetic broaches catch the fabric of your dress in the most inventive way. At a time when artists’ jewelry is especially in fashion, (Solange Thierry de Saint rapt ‘s collections at Bozar Brussels for two more weeks), she corresponds, in a playful way, to what women desire. And the prices range from 850€ to 4 850€ for the most expensive necklace.

Two silver rings to wear together are 2 000€

Galerie Naïla de Montbrison, 6 rue de Bourgogne until October 6

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