Food, food, and more food on rue du Bac

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Beaupassage, a food gallery between Raspail, Grenelle and Bac

I naively thought that rue du Bac had filled all its spaces with luxury food and catering, between La Grande Epicerie and the numerous pastry shops which line this epicenter of the 7 th arrondissement. Well there was a little space left within the buildings, and famous chefs such as Sophie Pic, Olivier Bellin, Pierre Hermé and Alexandre Polmard have invested the site with take out food, coffee shops and restaurants. And there is even a gym to eliminate it all!

Eva Jospin created a twenty one meter long wall of trees in cardboard, called la Traversée.

You can now cross from Boulevard Raspail to rue du Bac and rue de Grenelle, and see only food bars and tables except for the beautiful decor “La Traversée” created by Eva Jospin and a super trendy gym managed by Abdoulaye Fadiga. The boulangerie is run by Thierry Marx, Alexandre Polmard is the butcher, Pierre Hermé and Anne Sophie Pic serve desserts… Each piece of food is now signed like a work of art! What a bore…

And Bobo land is not far. Let’s hope that some funky shop opens later in one of the alleys which are meant to remind us of 19 th century Paris where pedestrians showed off in passages of the 9 th and 1st arrondissement…

Beaupassage is set in the former Couvent des Récollets and was inaugurated last Wednesday

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