From Dharamsala, with love

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Dharamsala 2021, Trees B3, all pictures come in three sizes and are printed on archival paper, signed and numbered

Some of you might be aware that the 14 th Dalai Lama, Tenzyn Gyato (b.1935)  has left Tibet in 1959 with 100 000 Tibetans and settled in Dharamsala in order to keep its religious freedom. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. Nicholas Vreeland who was raised in New York, and worked there with both Irving Penn and Richard Avedon as an assistant photographer, has become a Tibetan monk and is, since 2012, the abbot of the Rato Dratsang monastery in Southern India. He is currently showing  thirteen photographs, “Trees of Dharamsala”, at The Other Space, in Jogiwara Village, Dharamsala.  The exhibition is made up of three sections with prints in three specific sizes: Tree Portraits, Trees, and Barnett (a small village near his monastery). If you can’t travel to India to see the show, you can order the pictures from Julian Urban. All proceeds from the sales will benefit the monastery and the prints will be mailed to you.

Barnett C1, all pictures come in three sizes and are printed on archival paper, signed and numbered

On his website, Nicholas Vreeland insists in a short video on the fact that he is an amateur photographer but one could consider that after almost fifty years of training, he has become a professional… He takes pictures all year long of his daily life in Indian streets and monasteries and during lockdown, he concentrated on his (masked) fellow monks. The sensitivity of his eye and of course the exoticism of his life, produce extraordinary sceneries and human frescoes.

The show takes place at “The Other Space”, Jogibara Village in Dharamsala, Here Tree portraits , 26 X 36, sell for  1 200$

You can see all the pictures on Nicholas Vreeland’s website and order them from Julian Urban, or by Whats App: 0091 8588046101. All past pictures are also available on request. Each of the 13 images that make up the exhibition is available in any of three sizes: 32 by 44 inches (81 x 111cm), 26 by 36 inches (66 x 91cm) and 17 by 23 inches (43 x 58cm) . A 32 by 44 inch print costs $1,750, a 26 by 36 inch print costs $1,200 and the 17 by 23 inch print costs $400. In the large 32 by 44 inch size, there will be an edition of 3 per image. In the 26 by 36 inch size there will be an edition of 5 per image, while in the 17 by 23 inch size, there will be an edition of 10 per image.  All prints are made on archival paper, signed and numbered.

Darhamsala, 2021, Tree portraits A5, all pictures come in three sizes and are printed on archival paper, signed and numbered

At last you will have found a unique present for Xmas which comes from the Holy Land of the Dalai Lama!

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  1. Chere Laure- What relation, if at all, is your monk Vreeland and the diplomat of yore?
    Hugs from Jon and Genevieve

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