Gardens and art, a true passion

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Jérôme Marcadé devotes his gallery Jardins en art, of rue Racine to photographs, paintings, sculpture and books on gardens

Jérôme Marcadé is a true passionate. He has a garden in Normandy, but he spends most of his time in his bookstore–gallery near théâtre de l’Odéon, where he invites photographers, sculptors, painters and writers to meet and discuss their work. His kingdom is a bit like a salon, where all forms of art are focused on plants and garden. It is a solar place with a very peaceful atmosphere and a chic patronage.

The first time I went there, was to see Claire de Virieu‘s classically beautiful photographs. There was a drinks party in the courtyard and everyone felt happy. Then I heard of the successful opening of sculptures by Prince Henryk of Denmark, (Henri de Montpezat for the French). Then, on a recent visit, I noticed an African tree in bronze by Marine de Soos, which was totally striking.

There was also the launch of a book on growing arid gardens (in Mexico and in Morocco) « Eloge de l’aridité » by Arnaud Maurières and Eric Ossart with photographs by Marie Taillefer. An interesting topic at a time when water is scarce almost everywhere.

The dance of butterflies by Anne-K Imbert

“The dance of butterflies” by Anne-K Imbert is a musical sculpture

Then I walked in by chance one evening and there was a poetry reading with Saint Emilion wine tasting. And in preparation, the exhibition of light musical sculptures by Anne-K Imbert which are incredibly poetic. Set against a background of photographs by Rachel Levy, they fill the gallery with their elegance and discreetness. The sculptor compares them to Japanese haiku, little pieces of poetry. And because she is still young, they are very affordable.
Over a two year period I have always found at Jérôme Marcadé’s gallery, a low key, art loving atmosphere. He has recently developed a line of hand painted porcelain with a garden theme and sells candles perfumed with herbs, made by Sandrine Pozzo di Borgo for Quintessence.

Badjo Fisherman by Marine de Soos

Badjo Fisherman by Marine de Soos

On  the bookshelves, he sells  exclusive works like Tania Compton’s « The Private gardens of England », and of course Louis Benech, Camille Muller and Eric Jansen’s art books. It is wonderful to find a shop which lets you into a world of refinement and simplicity, such as this one.  Do go and see these new sculptures and take the time to discuss with the host !  (19 rue Racine, until May 24)

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One Comment on “Gardens and art, a true passion”

  1. Comme tu as raison chère Laure de mettre en valeur Jérôme en valeur!
    Sa galerie est une vraie caverne d’Ali Baba que nous aimons beaucoup, Hélène et moi
    Merci de faire du buzz autour de lui

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