Giacometti at home, in Montparnasse

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Giacometti’s studio recreated at 6 rue Victor Schoelcher

We are in the heart of Montparnasse, overlooking the cemetery and not far from Fondation Cartier on rue Victor Schoelcher, 1804-1893 the man who abolished slavery in the French colonies. Alberto Giacometti‘s studio is part of a block of houses with many other ateliers, their high windows facing North East. It has just been renovated and opened to the public a few days ago as “Institut Giacometti“. To visit it, you have to buy your ticket (8,50€) online and book a specific time. It is a charming spot with many drawings and sculptures all in line with Jean Genet. 

In the wood panelled library, you can sit and listen to a recording on Giacometti

The house is conceived as an intimate space and I ran into an art lover from Brazil who was overwhelmed by the decor. A good portrait of Jean Genet hangs in a corner, the cabinet of graphic arts is immaculate with a stone the artist used for printing and many drawings and letters from Genet. The Foundation owns five thousand drawings.

The Art Deco decor is a surprise for such an ascetic sculptor, here “Women of Venice”, 1956

Everyone is friendly in this very zen space where there were already many foreign visitors. It will obviously be a pilgrimage spot, in a charming area of 1920’s bohemian life.

Doors, 1956, bronze, in the courtyard with “The cage” in the forefront

The Foundation is run by Catherine Grenier who has recently published a biography of Giacometti based on the archives. 6 rue Victor Shoelcher, 14 th.  The next exhibition will open in September. Reservations online only.

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