Guendalina Litta, a good fairy for your parties

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A table for two hundred and fifty guests on the Riviera

How does one entertain in style? The regretted Pierre Celeyron  was a genius at giving you personalized decors for your balls, weddings and birthday parties. He used to work with three good fairies, Isabelle Baer, Fabienne de Sèze and Guendalina Litta. Two of them have kept going, organizing week long events like  Vanisha Mittal’s Indian wedding in Versailles and Vaux le Vicomte (Fabienne), and Guendalina Litta has just published a book in english, of photographs of her events: a great work in which you can pinch ideas, colors, natural and artificial decors based n sumptuous flower arrangements.  p56-57ok
I recently went to a birthday party in Brussels organised by Guendalina. It was an intimate family affair in a dreamlike house filled with contemporary art. The King and Queen of Belgium were attending with their children. Yet everything remained simple and cool. The dessert brought in by an impish grandaughter, was a sculpture of roses, macaroons and sweets. Umpretentious and artistic. Guendalina knew that the hosts were art lovers and family worshippers. They had no need to impress. Their talent for life was the best decor !


There is nothing more difficult than to create bouquets for a church, here in Brussels, they match the stained glass windows

In this book you will find princely weddings in Venice palaces and at the Paris Opera, in Greece and in Brussels where Guendalina is based, summer feasts in olive orchards and a beach dinner in the Balearic islands. What these ladies teach us is to use famous past balls that took place at Ferrières  or the Beistegui one in Venice and adapt them to our lifestyles. I was a bit frustrated by the lack of captons and names but discreetness is their motto. Quite fun and magical ! (order on Guendalina’s web site or at Gourcuff-Gradenigo publishers)

The book is published by Gourcuff-Gradenigo

The book is published by Gourcuff-Gradenigo

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