Happy Premier Mai!

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This year, lily of the valley appeared on April 7 th, but it is usually the flower which celebrates the First of May

I picked these especially for you in my garden so you can share what all Parisians enjoy on May 1st. Everyone in France is allowed to sell lily of the valley on the streets of Paris or on country roads. The communist party which celebrates the First of May as their official Labor Day (fête du travail), usually sells it to raise money for the party! and I just learned that the Red Cross does too…

While Emmanuel Macron, our (hopefully) future young President has been surfing on weeks of very lucky sunny weather, lily of the valley has blossomed early and beautifully. A big difference with President Hollande who suffered rain on every major official occasion of his “quinquennat”, five years in power. Let’s hope he makes it next Sunday…

Enjoy these and I wish I could send you the smell as well!

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One Comment on “Happy Premier Mai!”

  1. Oh how beautiful! I love Lily of the Valley! The perfume is to me one of the smells of heaven. I have a very few plants in the garden outside the building on the Upper East Side. They are probably blooming now, while I am away in Nevis for four weeks.

    Also, last fall I was given enough daffodil, tulip, and bluebell bulbs to plant all the empty tree pits on our block, so spring was more celebratory than usual this year. 🙂

    Thanks Laure.



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