Happy Premier Mai

I am so happy to wish you a beautiful May 1st with this huge bunch of muguet (lily of the valley) which I picked especially for you yesterday. This year the lily of the valley came later but bloomed in one week with the hot weather and now the rain. Everyone in France is celebrating our “labor” day and I hope it will be a very happy one for you too.

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9 Comments on “Happy Premier Mai”

  1. Susan J. Hewitt

    How lovely Laure, what a glorious flower it is. And what a happy day May 1st is.

    No lilies of the valley here, only rain lillies, spider lilies, red lilies and so on — we are currently on Nevis; we will be going back to NYC on May 12th. This year Nevis celebrates Labor Day on May 7th.

  2. Nina Menocal

    Gracias querida Laure, Here in Mexico City we have beautiful Jacaranda trees in full bloom, have a lovely, peaceful day with people you love, or reading a book, watching a movie. Of course yoga is a great option.
    Love Nina

  3. Kat Hastie

    First the beautiful bouquet then Giverny and the luscious paintings,lunch and the Orangerie exhibit…Ihave been transported !!
    Thank you once again for sharing your remarkable life. xo

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