Harriet Clark gives us a big laugh

“Arriving in New York”

American artist Harriet Clark was raised in Switzerland and in Paris, lives in Mexico and travels to Great Britain and around the world. Her new project, Pigsinshorts is the funniest blog and travelling guide you can think of! 

At the Pyramids

Her paintings are hilarious but also take the time to read her poems. Enjoy this parody of tourism and stupid travelling in groups.   It is a nice way to wake up and face the world in the morning. And here is her latest painted in London!


Could we ever dream
That we are seeing the Queen

On her birthday parade
Despite precautions made
We closely approach
Her stage coach

Her Royal Majesty, is out on a stroll
After the election polls
To the great dismay
Of Theresa May
And the Tories astonishment
The election ended in a hung parliament

On her special day
She waves us away
She’d rather be with her dogs
Than us, curious hogs

Viewing the Mona Lisa

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