Hermès unveiled at Carreau du Temple

Watch bands in amazing colors

Watch bands in amazing colors at Hermès workshop

To be able to see how some of Hermès’ artisans sew their scarves and make their saddles is quite unique and their week long demonstration (until Saturday 26) at Carreau du Temple in the Marais is a fun show.

The Argentinian saddle maker

The Argentinian saddle maker

I had no idea that the « roulottage » of scarves (sewing the borders) was such a difficult art and that it was all done by hand. We got to see the failed scarves as well as the lady making them, and it is incredibly difficult to hold the silk and roll it between your fingers and sew it without the stitches showing… Each scarf takes about forty minutes.

Making a tie implies a lot of silk and dexterity

Making a tie implies a lot of silk and dexterity

To touch (and smell) all the skins and see from close up the different leathers is delightful as was the Spanish accent of the saddle maker. The architecture of Carreau du Temple, a former market with great ironwork, is a perfect studio for all these magicians who include the glove maker, the silk printer, the handbag manufacturer, the watch maker and the tie maker, which is probably the most impressive. You need about five times more fabric for a tie than what you see and the different operations are very precise in order to keep it its volume, softness and steadiness. There is only one thread going through the whole tie.

Painting on porcelain

Painting on porcelain

Painters on china, and glass sculptors (for Cristal Saint Louis) were all there and very talkative about their art. The only problem you face is that you have to be close up to the workers to see anything and of course you are not alone. Entrance is free and if you have lunch at Les Chouettes afterwards, it all makes for a very nice day.

The roulottes trains fro many years before acquiring the skills

The roulotteuse trains for many years before acquiring the skills

4 rue Eugène Spueller, near République. Closed onTuesday.

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3 Comments on “Hermès unveiled at Carreau du Temple”


    Cela a l’air fascinant!
    J’ai vraiment un programme très serré cette semaine mais je vais essayer d’y aller. Merci Laure de nous révéler toutes ces merveilles de la vie à Paris qui pourraient nous échapper sans toi

  2. Susan J. Hewitt

    Ah yes, wonderful…

    Delicate hand sewing is almost a dead art, but it is very satisfying when done correctly, both for the performer and for the consumer.

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