Jacques Genin, a chocolate genius!

An Easter egg, a true art work at Jacques Genin


His reputation is that one has to eat his chocolates the day they are made and his metal boxes are devised to keep them fresh for a fortnight… Jacques Genin has a corner chocolate store on rue du Bac and rue de Varenne and it is hard to resist his lovely Easter bunnies and hens. He was recommended to me by another chocolate maker who insisted on saying that he was the one and only!

The pretty Genin shop on corner of Bac and Varenne

After working for La Maison du Chocolat, he opened a company under his own name a few years ago. I must say his chocolates all have amazing flavors and I am trying desperately not to finish the small box I bought in order to write this piece… they are addictive. The young lady in the shop was incredibly charming, which is rare nowadays in trendy spots, and she also pointed to beautiful pâtes de fruits, another rarity today.

Pâtes de fruits come in five tastes

In the Marais, there is a salon de thé on rue de Turenne. And his chocolates are served at the Crillon, the Meurice and the Plazza Athénée! So if you have not yet bought your Easter egg, you know where to go!

Jacques Genin, 27 rue de Varenne and 133 rue de Turenne

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