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I go to yearly Salon de l’agriculture with the same curiosity, I go to the Maastricht art fair, my eyes wide open. Instead of rich Dutch and German art collectors, I study the farmers and young equestrian enthusiasts who for ten days, share their passion for animals with Parisians.

This time again, horses were the prettiest, bulls the most impressive, rabbits and chickens the sweetest, pigs the more distressing. And my heart went to the Chèvre alpine (goat) from Poitou Charentes with a very refined chamois type.


The goats with a chamois look, Chèvre alpine.


Pork with a black ass from Limousin

When I was a little girl I would be sent to the farm during school breaks, to collect milk, cream and eggs for the cook. It was a huge responsibility and a half a mile pilgrimage to where the fun was : the nice lady farmer used to teach me how to milk cows and show me the little chicks being born and the calves getting up on their brand new legs.
So the agriculture show is like an artificial shot of childhood, a marvel at the different species, a long reverie at how lucky we are to still have animals around us… and the kids were loving it all around me. This year, more than any other, I realised the cynicism of it all when, in front of a sow and her six new born piggies, was a stand specialising in smoked ham !

Alpaga sheep

Alpaga sheep

The salon also provides a series of restaurants serving oysters from Arcachon and Alsatian choucroute, roquefort (made of sheep milk) and bleu (made of cow milk), foie gras and wine. I found some wonderful cow bells and mohair socks. But mostly, I enjoyed two hours of Provincial French life ! on a simple metro ride. (until March1)

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2 Comments on “Le salon de l’agriculture”

  1. Voici une efficace incitation à nous plonger ou replonger dans un univers si lointain désormais de nos vies d’urbains toujours pressés. Merci et bravo pour les illustrations;

  2. Géniale Laure, tu écris avec tant d’élégance et d’humour.. Tu me rends nostalgique alors que je fuis toujours vers d’autres exotismes, à présent à Mandalay .. Encore un endroit dont tu as m’ ouvert les portes avec Claire … Il ya près de vingt ans! Mille baci, cat

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